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Natural Treatments For Rosacea – What Are They?

Other than acne, one skin disease that plagues many people is rosacea. This is a condition where many struggle with its treatment. When it comes to the treatment for rosacea, it is best to inform yourself about what they are and find out for yourself what would work best for your skin.

Rosacea is considered as a benign skin disease that affects an estimated number of 14 million people in US statistics alone. This is a long term, non-curable disease that has its occasional ups and downs. Unlike acne, rosacea cannot be outgrown easily.

It causes pink or red patches, red cysts, irritated eyes, broken blood vessels and small acne-like red bumps. Many people may even mistake this for acne if there are red bumps. Others mistake the “blushing” effect of this condition as a normal occurrence.

Rosacea usually develops on the central part of our face (forehead, lower half of the nose and the chin). This is a common disorder for many fair-skinned people particularly those with a Scottish or Irish heritage.

The cause of rosacea has not been pinpointed yet. Until now, it still remains a mystery. The core process of rosacea seems to involve the dilation of the facial blood vessels.

With intensive studies, experts have hypothesized that rosacea maybe caused by hereditary factors, too much sun exposure, bacteria associated with stomach ulcer such as Helicobacter Pylori and mite in the hair follicles. Some also say it can be caused by gastrointestinal diseases and also a side effect of some medications that causes enlarged blood vessels.

When a person is in an emotional turmoil such as intense stress, fear, embarrassment and anger, the blushing effect of rosacea tends to intensify. The weather can also cause facial flare ups. Other factors that can also trigger rosacea are spicy foods, alcohol intake and strenuous exercise.

The symptoms of rosacea usually appear and disappear. It can last for many years and it can get worse if it remains untreated.

Since there is still no cure to rosacea, the only thing that can be done is to treat it regularly to prevent flare ups and possible worsening of this condition. Treatment for rosacea usually includes laser, photodynamic therapy and accutane. The use of these medications can have significant, long-lasting effects.

There are also antibacterial facial washes, topical creams and antibiotic pills that can be used to treat rosacea. In addition to this, the use of herbal remedies for rosacea has been proven to be effective.


The use of licorice for dermatitis was remarkable. Experts have also found that licorice has significant good effects in reducing skin inflammation and protecting skin cells from harmful elements that cause inflammation.


This herb is famous because it can improve mild cases of inflammation. This has been considered as a potential treatment for rosacea.

Green Tea

Green tea or camellia sinensis in scientific terms can help people with rosacea reduce their sensitivity to UV rays. This will, in turn, reduce the symptoms of rosacea.


This natural calming herb can help reduce the pain and inflammation caused by gastrointestinal disorders which can further aggravate rosacea.

Tea Tree Oil

This herbal remedy has antimicrobial properties and it can also reduce inflammation caused by rosacea.

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