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Onion for Acne

You want to cure your acne. Of course, who doesn’t want to? However, not all can afford every Acne Removal products just to get rid of acne. Some might be looking for a cheaper way to clear their face or other parts from their skin from acne. It is necessary for someone to have the right treatment immediately. If not treated, this can result to a greater problem which is more difficult to solve: Acne scars. They take a longer time to fade and sometimes, even take a lifetime like a forever mark on the face. However, there can still be a way for you to make the scar less visible. If they are not that severe, then there is a great possibility for the scar to be gone.

Why should I use Onion?

Onions have anti-microbial property. Obviously, onion being an effective way to make the acne scar less visible can also make your skin clear of acne. There had been an experiment that showed how much effective are onions for acne conditions. Onion now cannot be only considered as something tasty to add in cuisines but also a good thing to cure acne. Though onion might give you teary eyes, its wonderful effect will worth the little consequence.

What should I do to onion?

1. Of course, the most common way to do it is to cut the onions into pieces and have it on your face for about 15 minutes.

2. You can blend the onion with egg white and some carrots. This will be a very good combination as an Acne Remedy.

3. One more way you can use onion is to blend it with petroleum jelly. Making this as your face mask will make your skin better from acne condition.

Additional Tips

1. To lessen the teary effect of onion, have it refrigerated for a while before using it.

2. Use cold water when you rinse your face.

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