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Reduce The Onset Of Acne Rosacea – Control Your Activity!

Acne Rosacea is the common term for Papulopustular Rosacea, which is in fact not actually a type of acne at all. Although it is accompanied by small red papules that may or may not be filled with pus to resemble common acne, Papulopustular Rosacea is in fact Rosacea, a skin disease caused by weakness in the blood vessels in the face that cause them to dilate more easily and for longer periods of time than normal if not permanently. No direct cause for Rosacea has been established although it is known to be a hereditary disease that affects more women than men and men more severely than women.

Rosacea is often brought on simply by extreme temperatures or extreme changes in temperatures for example going from a heated office to a frigid street or walking more than a few blocks in ninety degree weather is enough to make anyone’s face flush, the problem for Rosacea sufferers is that this flushing may not go away. A simple solution to this would be to regulate the temperature of your environment and avoid quick extreme temperature switches as well as avoiding exerting yourself in general as the simple flushing of your face when energized can cause Rosacea to occur. Protecting yourself from overexposure to sunlight is an imperative, always wear sunscreen as sunburn can trigger an outbreak extremely fast so avoid undue exposure to the sun as well.

Rosacea can also be brought on by certain foods. For acne sufferers the myth that chocolate or sodas bring on acne attacks are just that, myths. For Rosacea sufferers, spicy food can indeed bring on a Rosacea outbreak. Alcohol, caffeine, and foods high in histamine have been known to bring on outbreaks of rosacea. By now you’ve probably eradicated everything you like to eat from your diet going from that list, but there are alternatives and caffeine free versions of many drinks and food items including white chocolate or caffeine free chocolate.

Acne Rosacea should not be confused with acne as some of the treatments for severe acne like microdermabrasion and benzoyl peroxide which is found in most over the counter acne treatments can in fact irritate your rosacea and cause it to progress more quickly. Rosacea is a disease like many others and is treatable if not curable and more importantly it’s infinitely more livable than a lot of other skin problems. While you may be limited in some areas, it’s important to realize you are capable of doing a lot of things with Rosacea, if at a slower pace than most others.

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