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Relieve Rosacea – How I Almost Died Trying to Relieve Rosacea

As with most rosacea sufferers, I travelled many a winding path before I finally found a way to relieve rosacea. May the story of my journey help make your journey to relief a little shorter.

It was first brought to my attention that I might have or would probably get rosacea, a while back. At that time I thought that the person making that statement was crazy. I had always had enviable clear skin and a healthy rosy glow to my cheeks. Sure, if I had even a small amount of alcohol that rosy glow grew more pronounced and included my nose. Sure, I got wind burned red cheeks easily and Jack Frost seemed to nip at my nose a little more than some other folks but that was just natural. After all, I am pretty fair-skinned so those things just show up on me more. Or so I thought.

After awhile however, even I had to admit that the red glow seemed to be coming more easily and lasting longer. “No big deal,” I thought, “I’ll just avoid things that will set me off.” Easier said than done but for awhile I could still explain away any prolonged flare-ups.

Finally one winter my flushing started lasting for days on end. Between the cold weather outside and the dry heat inside, I was experiencing constant red, burning cheeks and nose. It was finally time to admit that yes, I had a problem and needed to get some help for it.

So off I went to the dermatologist. At first we tried topical creams and ointments. These made my symptoms worse. I had started getting small flare-ups of what I thought was adult acne before I started using these treatments. The dermatologist informed me that this “adult acne” was actually another of the rosacea types that I now had. Once I started using the topical treatments these small patches or individual red bumps increased to bigger patches of multiple red bumps. My skin got redder, drier and burned more. I was not happy!

After weeks of this without much help, the dermatologist suggested we try an oral antibiotic. And this is where is got “fun”.

I started taking my oral antibiotic as I was suppose to. A day or two later I noticed a big red itchy spot on my neck. I assumed it was poison ivy as I am prone to getting it. Soon another one occurred on my forehead and neck. “Boy,” I thought, “I must have really gotten into the poison ivy somehow!”

I woke up that next morning a different person. I was a big red balloon. My eyes were swollen to slits and my hands were so swollen I could not even bend my fingers. I immediately went to the doctor’s office and camped out on his doorstep until he opened that morning. After taking one look at me, he immediately sent me to the hospital where I got to get steroid shots and spend the night. Never having had nor seen hives before, I was unaware that my red spots were not poison ivy but a potentially dangerous allergic reaction to the oral antibiotics.

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