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Rosacea Acne Skin Care

Acne rosacea is an unknown but far more sinister and far less recognizable version of acne than the zit-and-blackhead variety. In fact, diagnoses ranging from allergies to alcoholism may precede its final identification.

Acne rosacea is characterized by morbidly inflamed skin, typically on the cheeks, forehead, nose, eyelids and, rarely, on the chest. The skin eruptions associated with acne rosacea can vary from the bulging of capillary blood vessels to sizeable pus-filled cysts. Because of the disfigurement acne rosacea can cause, the disorder is often accompanied by depression, social isolation and high levels of stress.

Its holistic treatment may therefore have to include a certain degree of therapy. Unhappily, lack of knowledge about rosacea can lead to serious complication while attempting to treat it. This is because it is often mistakenly thought to be acne and treated accordingly. The compounds used in addressing acne can seriously exacerbate acne rosacea symptoms.

The correct course of action is to correct the imbalances in skin environment, specifically by restoring deleted zinc, mineral and hydration levels. Naturally occurring plant extracts like aloe vera, rosehip, and chamomile can be of some benefit. A qualified dermatologist must be consulted for further pharmacological intervention.

Effective relief from the rosacea variety of acne will depend largely on lifestyle changes. Oral water intake must be stepped up to at least eight glasses per day, both to rehydrate the skin and to calm the metabolic stress alarm. The use of alcohol and stimulants like coffee, tea and cigarettes entirely eliminated, since these encourage excessive sebaceous gland excretions. Hot/icy cold showers, abrasive soaps and exposure to the sun are also detrimental. These measures, together with proper hygiene, a stress-reducing exercise regimen, and regular sleep habits (at least seven hours per night) can go a long way in alleviating rosacea.

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