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Rosacea and Diet – Two Terrific Tips

Do you suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of Rosacea? If you do then this article is for you. Here are two effective Rosacea and diet tips that I would like to share with you. They are both proven to work very well for Rosacea and they have the added bonus of being really easy to implement. I know that you are probably busy and stressed out, but if you take just two minutes out of your schedule to read this article the benefits you will gain are enormous.

Rosacea and Diet

There is a lot of talk about the triggers that set off a Rosacea flare up, but what I discovered when I was coming to terms with my own condition was that my Rosacea and diet were closely linked together and were having a huge impact on both the frequency of my flare ups and also the severity of each attack.

I embarked on an elimination diet to try to work out exactly what foods were my own Rosacea triggers and discovered that a number of common foods were setting off regular attacks.

Here are two of the foods that you may want to try in your own Rosacea elimination diet.


I love meat! So for me eliminating this from my diet was very difficult, but it had to be done. Research was carried out on the effects of meat on Rosacea and it was discovered that by removing red meat for just three weeks the pH balance was altered which flushed out many toxins and created a positive effect on the occurrence of Rosacea.

Other studies have revealed that a high percentage of Rosacea sufferers are reacting badly to some of the food additives, such as nitrates and nitrites which are often found in meat products like smoked hams, luncheon meats, hot dogs and bacon.


No! I hear you shout. But I’m afraid that chocolate is indeed a common Rosacea trigger and unfortunately, when you are thinking about your Rosacea and diet, you need to consider removing – at least until you have discovered if chocolate is or isn’t one of your own trigger foods.

There are a number of chemicals in chocolate which can affect the bodies, blood vessels. Theobromine, Tyramine and caffeine are all ingredients which are all recognized as vasoactive substances and my, either on their own or in combination with each other trigger Rosacea flare up.

But, if you do find that chocolate is one of your Rosacea triggers, all is not lost. You can easily replace Chocolate with the yummy substitute, Carob chocolate.

By simply removing each of these two foods from your Rosacea diet for a short time, you will very quickly learn if they are one of your own foods that trigger Rosacea, allowing you to take steps to remove them completely.

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