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Rosacea Cures – Are There Any?

Rosacea cures is a misnomer. Rosacea is a facial disorder. It appears as redness of the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead. In more severe cases, there can be bumps and pimples. (It is not acne because the pimples do not have whiteheads or blackheads.) No one knows what causes it. There are some theories, ranging from heredity, skin mites, or even stomach bacteria. As such, there is really no cure. There are a number of treatments, however, that have been proven effective. I’ll cover some of those here.

For mild cases, the most common treatment is a topical cream or gel prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist. The medication is applied once or twice a day to the affected area. As long as the rosacea is mild, this treatment is pretty effective. Rosacea is characterized by flare-ups (when the rosacea gets worse) and subsequent periods of remission (when it becomes less or disappears). The topical cream or gel is good at treating the flare-ups and keeping it away when it subsides.

For more severe cases, when bumps and pimples are present, it is common to be prescribed a treatment of oral antibiotics. These antibiotics are not prescribed because rosacea is an infection. It is not. It cannot be spread. It turns out that the anti-inflammatory properties of antibiotics work well in treating the more severe types of rosacea.

Laser treatment is being used as well. Very good results are occurring with this treatment plan. The lasers heat up the tiny blood vessels that, in rosacea sufferers, are very close to the surface of the skin. The heated blood vessels are disintegrated, lessening the redness of the skin.

Certainly no rosacea cure is complete without modification of diet and lifestyle. Many foods and drinks can trigger rosacea into a flare-up, so avoidance of those foods and drinks are necessary to work in conjunction with medication. Lifestyle changes include staying out of the sun and avoiding extreme cold or heat.

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