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Rosacea Diet – Deadly Drinks

Are you looking for a way to find the best information about Rosacea? A way to sift through the mountains of confusing and often misleading information? To sort the wheat from the chaff, the grist from the grind? Well this is your lucky day. This short, no fluff article will get straight to the point. In it you will discover some great tips about Rosacea and your Rosacea diet. Read it not, it will only take you two minutes.

Rosacea Diet

If you have ever done a search for some help and guidance about your Rosacea, or maybe bought a book about it from your local book store or Amazon, you will have noticed that most of the Rosacea trigger that they talk about tend to be food based. And it’s not unfair for them to do that, after all there are an awful lot of foodstuffs which seem to set of Rosacea attacks in an awful lot of people.

But, there never seems to be much mention of the drinks that are know Rosacea triggers. This short article aims to correct that. Here are a few common drinks that your should be monitoring when you are trying tom discover exactly what triggers your own Rosacea flare-ups.


Most of the Rosacea guides do give alcohol a mention, and with good reason, 2 out of every three Rosacea sufferers have experienced an outbreak after just a single alcoholic drink.

Some tipples seem to have more of an effect than others. Red wine is by far the worst, followed by white wine, beer and champagne. Then come the strong spirits. Of these Vodka is the worst offender, next worst is tequila, followed by bourbon, gin and rum. It seems that the spirit which induces the least reaction in Rosacea patients is Scotch Whiskey.

Sodas (diet and normal)

There isn’t a lot of information about the effects of diet and normal soda in a Rosacea diet. But what is known is that the aspartame, which is widely used to sweeten these drinks often has adverse effects on people who suffer from Rosacea. It is believed that the aspartame breaks down in the stomach into different chemicals including methanol and formaldehyde.

It has also been established that the excessive sugar in normal sodas are vascular dilators, which is probably one of the causes of redness on the surface of the skin.


Milk is rarely reported as a major Rosacea trigger, but recent research is proving otherwise.

The three foods which are responsible for more allergies and adverse reactions are, sugar, wheat products and dairy.

Milk produces a sugar molecule, or glycan called Neu5Gc which isn’t natural to the human body. Our bodies then produce a type of anti-glycan in response. This often triggers an immune reaction which some believe is a major Rosacea trigger.

If you are struggling with your Rosacea diet, then next time you are thirsty, do yourself a favor, and steer clear of these beverages.

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