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Rosacea Makeup – What is the Best Rosacea Makeup to Use?

Rosacea Makeup

Like yourself, I know what you are going through and I know that rosacea is not very nice. Up until about 4 or 5 years ago my skin was lovely and healthy and hardly a blemish in sight. I always took good care of my skin, moisturized very night and exfoliated regularly etc. However, I suddenly noticed my skin develop what looked like acne, this really upset me and was akin to being a teenager all over again. I thought it was probably just a temporary thing and would pass in a few days. But it did not go away, it was rosacea.

I spent ages agonizing over what to do and sought a lot of advice from various sources on what to do, and I took action and decided that I wasn’t going to let it spoil my life, so I tested various rosacea makeup to try and cover it up – and I think I have found the perfect solution. I would like to share that solution with you, so that you too can finally go out again, safe in the knowledge that it is covered up and out of sight.

The 3 Rosacea Makeup secret weapons:

– Concealer

– Foundation

– Finishing Powder

1.) Take the concealer and apply it to all of the red and blotchy areas that the rosacea has made on your skin (don’t apply too thickly, you want a nice even finish) and the smooth it all over with a sponge. If you put it on too thickly, it will dry all clumpy and look terrible once it has dried. Once the concealer has been applied, your face should already be looking a lot better.

2.) Apply the rosacea makeup foundation sparingly on your face. Take time to blend the foundation with the concealer to give a smooth finish. If any areas are still looking a little red or blotchy, then you can simply apply a little more foundation to these areas to cover them up nicely.

3.) Now you need to apply a thin layer of finishing powder to your face using a large makeup brush. This will help to reduce the shine on your face and will also further help to give your face a smooth and even finish.

If you follow these three simple steps, your rosacea will be virtually hidden and no-one will be any the wiser, so you can go out and enjoy yourself without feeling self-conscious any more – this really is all the rosacea makeup you will ever need!

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