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Rosacea Natural Treatment – Top Ten Tips For Achieving Youthful, Radiant and Rosacea Free Skin

Are you suffering from a skin condition called rosacea and fed up of drug based medications that are expensive, and often times not be safe or effective? Well, there’s no need for you to let rosacea control your life. Natural treatments are available, and the earlier you receive treatment, the more likely treatment will be effective. Keep reading this article as it will give you ways and means to treat rosacea naturally by simple tips.

1. Get a clean start. Gently clean your skin several times a day with a mild cleanser. Avoid any type of skin care product or cleanser with added fragrance or alcohol which can annoy the skin and make rosacea worse.

2. Avoid rubbing or scratching your facial skin; do not use brushes, loofahs, rough towels or hard sponges on your affected skin.

3. Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Getting too much sun can aggravate your condition. Also wear a light sunscreen made for sensitive skin.

4. Try to avoid hot temperatures as it can trigger an outbreak. Stay indoors mostly, rather, in a cool place, preferably one that has air-conditioning on hot, humid days. Drink cold drinks and spray your face with cold water.

5. Always avoid hot water, use luke warm water and reduce your bathing time. They will help to reduce the incidence of flare-ups and are crucial parts of rosacea natural treatment.

6. Avoid cosmetics that contain any one of these ingredients: menthol, witch hazel, salicylic acid, peppermint, clove oil or eucalyptus oil.

7. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and prevent rosacea flare-ups. Do not continually wipe off sweat from your face as constant wiping can make the symptoms worse.

8. Try to wear ‘breathable’ clothing made of natural fabrics. Cotton, silk, linen and hemp are breathable, soft, and non-irritating therefore considered best as a rosacea natural treatment.

9. Make dietary changes. Keep a food diary to track everything that you eat and drink. Certain foods causing the outbreaks and must be identified for avoidance.

10. Restrain your use of hot spices such as black and white pepper, paprika, red pepper and cayenne. Hot spices tend to dilate the blood vessels in your face, increasing redness and worsening the appearance of rosacea.

With the help of these tips, you can greatly reduce the symptoms that can add a feeling of pleasure and well-being to your life. A rosacea natural treatment might be the alternative to high buck creams or expensive prescription drugs that do not provide the desired results.

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