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Rosacea Rash Treatment – Natural Remedies That Take Away the Redness of Rosacea

Rosacea rash affects millions of people around the world and is one of the least understood, but most widespread facial skin conditions. If that subtle red rash on your face makes you feel like you’re being singled out, you don’t need to feel that way anymore. You’re not the only one suffering from rosacea.

In order to deal with your rosacea rash properly, you should first realize that natural approaches to healing are usually more effective because they do not cause the skin to become inflamed worse over time. Prescription drugs may work for a season, but many times, the relief is only temporary. This is why natural rosacea remedies are many times preferred among rosacea patients. Of course, the cost is also an important factor.

One natural remedy for rosacea rash is L-Lysine. This readily available and cheap amino acid can be found at your local grocery store in the vitamin section. It’s as safe as any vitamin, but as usual, consultation with your physician is important if required. This amino acid supports your skin’s elasticity and helps your epidermis produce a resilient surface. Basically, L-Lysine will help your skin ward off rosacea. Many patients have attested to the benefits, so it is one of the first natural remedies you should try.

Another natural remedy is apple cider vinegar. Both internal and external applications of apple cider vinegar are common among rosacea patients. Internally, apple cider vinegar helps digestion which, in some cases, can reduce flare-ups. Externally, apple cider can soothe and cool rosacea rash redness. Either way, apple cider vinegar is one natural remedy that has shown to reduce redness.

Finally, Milk Thistle is an herb that helps cleanse the liver of toxins. Getting the toxin level under control is vital when it comes making rosacea rashes go away. If you’re unable to complete a liver cleanse, Milk Thistle is many times an excellent way to help your liver cleanse itself. Cleansing the liver is vital because the blood in your system must be free of toxins or they may cause more inflammation.

There are other natural remedies for your rosacea rash, such as licorice and black walnut, but these are the ones you should try first. Again, consult with your doctor before trying anything new or drastic. Keep a rosacea skin care diary so you know what works and what doesn’t for your individual situation.

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