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Rosacea Redness – Getting to the Root of the Problem

If you suffer from rosacea, you may be only focusing on the surface rather than the root of the problem. Most people deal with rosacea superficially. They just want the redness to be gone, so they try this product and that product in order to alleviate the redness on their face. This is understandable, but the true need is not in treating the immediate symptoms (red flushing face) but the underlying cause. This article explains what the cause is and how to deal with it.

If you had a garden with weeds, you would not simply chop the top part of the weeds away. You more than likely would get down on your hands and knees and get to the root of the weeds, pulling them out one-by-one until they were all gone. Some people treat their rosacea only superficially instead of attacking the root of the problem. This is why it continues to return. It’s understandable that this sort of approach is the common approach because the main thing a person wants when their rosacea is flaring is to get rid of the redness. Once it’s gone, they are relieved and they go on with life – until the next flareup. It’s a cycle that truly needs to be addressed for long term results.

What Is The Underlying Cause of rosacea?

The liver is the organ in the body that takes blood and filters out the impurities, such as toxins and other filth that we inhale and eat daily. These toxins are normally eliminated through natural processes, but sometimes the liver cannot detox fast enough and becomes clogged over time. There are other health issues that come with this sort of condition, not only rosacea.

In order to treat rosacea effectively and to get to the root of the problem, a person must effectively detoxify the liver and remove the blockage that causes the blood to become overloaded with toxins. In addition to this, regulating the diet is recommended. The first thing a person can do is regulate their sodium intake. Sodium overload can cause the liver to become sluggish and less effective at natural detoxification. So, you need to watch your sodium intake. The recommended daily allowance of sodium can easily be surpassed with our modern diets.

Another important thing a person can do to help alleviate the skin condition of rosacea is introduce an amino acid called L-Lysine into the diet. L-Lysine helps the body heal and repair, especially skin lesions. L-Lysine can be found at your local drugstore with the vitamins. It’s cheap and does not require a prescription.

Finally, dealing with your rosacea symptoms on the surface is important as well. Washing with all-natural cleansers specially designed for this skin condition is important as this helps the skin to heal faster and recuperate from a flareup.

There are several drugs and steroids on the market that promise to help with rosacea, but if you’re wise, you’ll realize that introducing more drugs or steroids into the blood stream is asking for more toxins in the liver. Don’t just deal with the surface. Deal with the root of the problem. Cleanse your liver and your face will thank you.

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