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Rosacea Skin Care – How to Control Your Rosacea Flare-Ups

Rosacea is a condition that causes the facial skin to become red and flushed (called a flare-up) and is usually found in fair-skinned adults between the ages of 30 and 50 who have light complexions. Women develop rosacea more often than men, but men more often develop lumpy enlarged noses, a condition called rhinophyma. Rosacea affects an estimated 14 million Americans.

A person with rosacea should remember that any activity that would agitate his liver or blood vessels could worsen the symptoms and increase the likelihood of a redness flare-up. This means that certain sacrifices may have to be made such as refraining from alcohol, smoking, and hot/spicy food. The National Rosacea Society reports that the most common triggers of rosacea are sun exposure, emotional stress, hot or cold weather, wind, alcohol, spicy foods, heavy exercise, hot baths, heated beverages and certain skin care products. Each person has their own body chemistry, so what may trigger a flare-up in one person, may not in another person.

Although there is no exact scientific explanation for rosacea, one theory is that it originates in the liver. When this organ is agitated, it causes rosacea to flare-up and manifest on the facial skin, one of the weakest and thinnest areas of the epidermis. This is why some recommend doing a liver cleanse. Many with rosacea have reported that their condition has improved or even disappeared after doing a liver cleanse.

Since many who have rosacea have also been found to be deficient in B vitamins (which causes weak liver) be sure to take a good multivitamin. Taking an L-Lysine supplement (found in vitamin section) may also help minimize or even eliminate flare-ups because it strengthens the skin which makes it less prone to breaking down. The best external skin care for rosacea is a total system which contains natural ingredients which cleanse your body from the inside out and a natural topical system designed to control the redness. When searching for such a good cleansing system, be sure the product does not contain any harsh ingredients or toners. Of course, always consult with your skin care physician before any significant change in your lifestyle.

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