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Rosacea Skin Care Products – Are They Effective?

Rosacea can be a distressing condition that makes your skin much more sensitive than normal so you will probably want to use rosacea skin care products that are specially formulated to be as mild and non-irritating as possible. Many of the ingredients in the usual skin care products can cause irritation, burning and exacerbate the redness that rosacea causes. Ingredients that have been found to irritate the skin of rosacea sufferers include salicylic acid, clove oil, menthol, and peppermint so you may want to check that any products you are using do not contain any of these.

In addition the skin of rosacea sufferers are likely to be much more sensitive to the sun which can cause the rosacea to flare up so you should always use a good sunblock even on overcast days. The usual sunscreen products may themselves cause irritation so you may want to try products that contain only zinc or titanium dioxide without any other chemicals as these will not irritate the skin further.

Some Treatments for Rosacea

It is very important, if you have symptoms that indicate rosacea, that you consult a dermatologist or other medical practitioner who will be able to give you an appropriate treatment. The most frequent therapy that is prescribed is a course of oral antibiotics followed by topical medicines, in the form of lotions, gels or creams, that help control the condition in the long term. These lessen inflammation which can reduce the redness associated with rosacea and can prevent flare ups.

The medicines applied to the skin enhance the effect of the antibiotics and improve control over the long term. Some remedies frequently prescribed are azaleic acid, sodium sulfacetamide and metronidazole.

For sufferers of rosacea who fail to respond to these treatments or who have very severe rosacea perhaps with disfigurement, there are a number of other therapies. Laser treatment is available to heal the the tiny, visible blood vessels on the skin, dermabrasion may be used or even plastic surgery.

Dermabrasion removes the top layer of the skin to leave it clearer and smoother. For sufferers of rosacea who have skin thickening, especially in the vicinity of the nose, plastic surgery can be an effective option which will repair areas that have been damaged severely.

What Ingredients Are Used in Rosacea Skin Products?

As soon as the condition is controlled, OTC skin care preparations can be used effectively. Preparations made especially for rosacea can be bought that are non-irritating and mild, contain ingredients that are useful for sufferers of rosacea and have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.

Other ingredients that have been found effective include Vitamin K and Willowherb. Willowherb has a long tradition of use for treating inflammation and burns and is very good for lessening the redness resulting from by rosacea. Vitamin K is critical for the health of the blood vessels and can help to heal the capillaries in the face.

Bio Maple has also been reported to be beneficial in reducing skin blemishes and redness and helps to stop the bacterial growth. Bio Maple is extracted from maple trees and has a similar pH to the skin.


Women should also be careful when they apply make up. Thick make up will probably clog up the pores and trap oil, which will increase the bacterial growth. A light, oil free, non-comodogenic (does not clog pores) make up is preferable.

In Conclusion

Rosacea is a painful and distressing condition that can be difficult to treat. However you can bring about a significant improvement by using topical medications prescribed by your dermatologist and using only rosacea skin care products that will not irritate the condition further.

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