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Rosacea Treatments – Getting the Red Out

Rosacea is one of the most difficult skin conditions to deal with, not because it is always so severe, but because it is frustrating when you don’t know what works and what doesn’t to reduce and rid yourself of the redness.

Some people become depressed and withdrawn because they are unable to deal with the social rejection, or at least, the feeling of self-rejection because they are dealing with a skin condition that sets them apart from their peers. Rosacea doesn’t look attractive. This reality is hard for rosacea sufferers and can cause them to recoil at the notion of being in a social environment.

To get your rosacea under control, you need to understand that rosacea is caused by a weakness in your facial skin (or wherever rosacea is manifesting on your body) and sluggishness in your liver which makes detoxifying your blood almost impossible. These two conditions, weak skin and slow liver, are the causes you need to keep in mind as you seek to treat this skin condition.

To cleanse the liver, begin taking Milk Thistle daily. This herbal supplement, which is cheap and can be found at your local grocer’s vitamin section, is extremely beneficial to the proper working order of your liver. It helps cleanse and regenerate and has been recognized by many in the professional medical field, something that is not tpyical when it comes to herbal supplements.

Next, you need to take L-Lysine to strengthen your skin. L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps your skin rebuild and remain elastic. When your skin breaks down, the toxins that are in your blood make their way to the surface, causing redness and irritation. L-Lysine is cheap and easy to find in the vitamin section. Begin taking it and you may notice a significant decrease in the redness of your face, which should be encouraging to you.

Finally, you need to use a good cleaning product for your skin. Some products have detergents that only break your skin down and cause redness again. However, there are some rosacea skin treatment products that are gentle and all-natural. The best, as concluded by several independent reviews, is the rosacea treatment called Zenmed. This three-part treatment has shown significant promise to help keep the skin cleansed and redness reduced.

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