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Rosacea Triggers – Find Out If Any of These 7 Causes Are Triggering Your Rosacea Outbreaks

Rosacea is one of those skin conditions that effects each individual differently and the treatment can be exclusive. However, there is a common thread for all Rosacea sufferers, what causes the outbreaks is usually from a few select causes. Of course, before you diagnose what causes your Rosacea it is always best to see a dermatologist first. If you can identify what causes your outbreaks, usually some lifestyle changes or changes in your diet can reduce the problem or eliminate it altogether.

Here Are The 7 Most Common Rosacea Triggers:

– Exposure to extremes in weather, very hot, cold or windy weather can irritate your skin and cause an outbreak.

– As with many conditions, the body reacts adversely to stress and instances of extreme anxiety. While this has not been proven exactly in the realm of Rosacea, it certainly should not be discounted as a cause for an outbreak.

– Prolonged use of alcohol can bring that flushed reddish look and it you are susceptible to Rosacea then an outbreak can occur.

– Although extreme exercise, which is great for your overall health when done for extended periods, it can trigger Rosacea. As with all intense exercise, take jogging for example, your perspiration can actually become an irritant to your skin.

– Really spicy foods can cause outbreaks as they dilate the blood vessels. Also, you should try to avoid caffeine found in coffee, soda and chocolate.

– Extreme changes to temperate are known causes and even hot baths or saunas should be avoided.

– Makeup, perfume and skin care products are all common culprits. Even if you do not have allergies per say, these products can contain irritants which can cause havoc with Rosacea.

Many of the solutions to these causes are self explanatory and if you are going to try and eliminate and identify what triggers your Rosacea try a diary type system which you can refer to. If you cannot eliminate or reduce the outbreaks while avoiding these triggers then you might try some of the natural Rosacea treatment options that are available or ask your dermatologist what he recommends.

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