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Rosacea – What It Is and Natural Rosacea Treatments

Acne Rosacea, also known as adult acne, is an inflammatory skin disease that affects about 14 million Americans between the age of 30 and 60 and is more common in women than in men. It has the appearance of bad acne. It normally selects cheeks, the best part of the face, for its unpleasant operation. Adults, especially those between 30 and 50 years of age who have lighter skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, are most likely to suffer from rosacea. People with rosacea often find that certain lifestyle and environmental factors trigger a flare-up or aggravate their individual conditions.

A team of researchers from the U.S., France and Japan found that people with rosacea have high levels of the anti-microbial peptide cathelicidin in their skin, which produces proteins that are different from those found in people who do not have the disease. Dust mites, mold, fungus, or skin parasites could be the main triggers that lead to the production of this protein and the accompanying flare-up symptoms.

Generally speaking, each individual will have a somewhat unique set of acne rosacea triggers because what evokes a rosacea flare-up for one individual may have no effect on another.

Treatment is necessary to prevent permanent damage. Treatment for rosacea varies depending on the severity and the suspected cause, so it can vary from person to person. Treatments for rosacea commonly involve topical or oral antibiotics such as metranidazole and compounds such as sulfacetamide, sulfur, and azeliec acid. However, these and other treatments for rosacea that are currently available, are all accompanied by various side effects, are costly, and/or involve long complicated treatment protocols.

Since rosacea may be aggravated by medications and topical steroids, a natural approach has been the focus of many studies. The most effective natural Rosacea treatments, such as the organic-only Zenmed, help renew the skin and prevent flareups from returning. Some have reported that a continued natural regimine has actually cured their rosacea, although such claims have never been scientifically verified.

Prescribed medicines and conventional treatments do not ensure permanent cure for acne rosacea. Today, more and more medical practitioners are relying on natural products that are effective in treating rosacea and keep the skin healthy. One sure thing that early detection and treatment can do is preventing further dilation of the blood vessels of the affected areas. It can also prevent the bumps in the skin from occurring.

Many sufferers of rosacea recommend the Zenmed regimine as a starting point for treatment. As always, consult your physician before you begin any major changes to your lifestyle.

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