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Seabuckthorn Oil – A Natural Oil to Get Rid Of Skin Problems

Seabuckthorn oil is the pure natural oil extracted from the Seabuckthorn seeds or fruits which is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. It is an energetic medicine in the treatment of the dangerous skin disease called Rosacea. This oil has been used by both Eastern and Western medicine for the treatment of skin conditions over long years. It can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, so the skin care product containing this oil can be used for sun protection.

Rosacea is a skin disorder caused due to the parasite human demodex. It is very dangerous and is responsible for all the major problems like rough skin complexion, pores, rosacea, hair loss, enlarging of pores, early aging, acne etc. As the Seabuckthorn oil is rich in essential Fatty Acids, Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, it can easily kill these parasites and protect you from all kinds of skin disorders.

The major carotenes present in this oil are alpha and beta carotenes, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, taraxanthin and phytofluin. The EFA content in seabuckthorn oil is about 80-95% and the major EFA’s are alpha linolenic, oleic and linoleic. The high level of omega fatty acids makes seabuckthorn oil appropriate for decreasing the risk of heart disease. It contains nearly 90% unsaturated fat with over 30% of both linolenic acid and linoleic acids and hence can use as an antioxidant for preventing cardiovascular problems.

Seabuckthorn Oil is one of the main constituent extracted from Seabuckthorn which is the well known source of herbal medicines. Seabuckthorn plant is all together a medicinal plant and the leaves of it can be used for making a light odorous tea. This oil is used in many of the cosmetics to fight against wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of prematurely aging skin. Not only for skin treatment it can be used internally for the treatment of ulcers, tumours and can decrease the risk of heart disease.

Almost all the products of Face Doctor contain Seabuckthorn oil as an active ingredient. To have a young looking glowing skin you may use the product Face Doctor-Rejuvenating Soap which is enriched with lot of minerals and vitamins embedded in Seabuckthorn oil and other ingredients. Face Doctor is the famous company received many achievements and awards for its effectiveness.

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