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Top Ten Uses for Birch Essential Oil

Scientific name: Betula Lenta. Pure Birch essential oil is difficult to find in today’s market. If you do your own research you will find cautions regarding Birch oil being toxic-that’s because it’s not pure Birch oil. Birch essential oil is considered a hot oil, that means that it can be warm or hot feeling if you apply it to the skin undiluted. Simply add a few drops of your Birch oil to a carrier oil and you’re good to go. If it still feels hot, add some more carrier oil. Adding water will make it hotter!

1. Use to brush* your teeth. Just add one drop to your toothbrush (if you like a moist toothbrush, add water to the brush first, then the oil) and brush your teeth. It can be a little stout, but the Birch oil will help strengthen the bones that are your teeth.

2. Use to combat arthritis or rheumatism pain. Birch essential oil contains methyl salicylate, a natural cortisone, an excellent anti-inflammatory. Add a drop or two to a teaspoon of carrier oil and rub on where you are experiencing pain. It smells good, too. If your whole body aches add 3-5 drops of Birch oil to ½ cup of Starflake bath salts (plain bath salts from Be Young, these salts are highly crystalized so they readily absorb the essential oil), then add to a tub of warm water. Soak for twenty minutes and rinse off.

3. Birch is for bone, it has the same frequency as bone. Bone pain, broken bones, strengthening bones-reach for your Birch essential oil. If you just want to strengthen your bones you can apply a drop to the bottom of the feet (right foot first) once or twice a day and the oil will go throughout your body. If you have a broken bone you want to apply as close to the area as possible. Let’s assume you have a broken wrist so you have a cast from the thumb to the elbow. Add 2-3 drops of birch oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil and rub it in at the top and bottom of the cast. This will help get the oil to the area of greatest need. Do this 3-5 times a day to help a break heal. You can also look up the corresponding reflexology points to the break and apply there.

4. Birch essential oil is a diuretic-it will help reduce swelling and water retention. Apply 2-3 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil (in a clockwise direction) to the abdomen to help with PMS symptoms.

5. Use Birch essential oil to ease swelling and bruising from an injury. Simply add 1-2 drops of the oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to the area. If the area is too painful to touch, add 3-5 drops to ½ cup of Starflake bath salts, then add to warm water and soak the injured area. Always rinse off the skin after soaking because the salts and oils will draw toxins to the surface of the skin, if allowed to remain the toxins will be reabsorbed by the body or may cause a rash. If the injury is not easily soaked, add enough warm water to the salts to create a paste, apply the paste to the area and wrap in a warm, damp towel. Keep the towel on until the area feels cold. Remove and rinse the area.

6. Birch essential oil is marvelous for backs-it helps clear debris out of the spinal column, helps strengthen the vertebrae, and reduces inflammation. If your back hurts, have someone apply 5-7 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil to the back, then follow it up with a warm, damp towel covered with a dry towel to keep your chair or bed dry. Leave the towel on until it feels cold (if your back feels too hot, add some carrier oil to cool it down). Rinse or wipe off the back after removing the towel.

7. Bone spurs or areas of calcium buildup respond well to Birch essential oil. It helps reduce the pain and inflammation and, if used consistently, will break down the calcium buildup or bone spur. Just apply a drop to the problem spot 2-5 times a day, diluting with carrier oil if needed. If dermal sensitivity occurs back off how often you are applying and use a carrier oil.

8. Surgery often causes pain and inflammation as well as the risk of infection. Add a few drops of Birch essential oil to some carrier oil and apply to the area. You’ll want to avoid stitches (you can use Lavender on stitched areas to reduce scarring unless they are the self-dissolving kind). Once the stitches are removed go ahead and apply Birch to the area, layering with Lavender to reduce scarring (both internal and external scars).

9. Birch has the ability to numb an area. That’s part of why it works so well on pain. It’s not as strong as Clove Bud, but will help ease the pain quickly of a cut or injury. It can help with a toothache, too. Apply a drop directly to the tooth to experience relief.

10. Birch helps reduce cellulite. If you have a problem area add a couple of drops of Birch to a teaspoon of carrier and rub on the area after showering.

*Only use essential oils internally that are truly 100% pure, such as Be Young oils. Oils that are cut or synthetic can have dangerous side effects if used internally. Always error on the side of caution and use common sense.

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