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Treating Rosacea – Follow the Natural Path

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder which typically first appears as slight reddening on the face. The condition usually starts in the center of the face and then extends to involve the cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Over time, the redness develops to become ruddier and more persistent that resembles inflammation. If left untreated, rosacea gets worse over time and even affects the eyelids and mucous membranes. Treating rosacea is a major problem since there is no cure to date but the great news here is that you can control the disease if it is treated in the right way and prevent it from getting worse.

Continue reading this article as it will give you the best remedies for treating rosacea naturally.

* Increase your Fiber intake, which helps to keep toxins moving through your digestive tract rather than having them affects the skin.

* Take a diet that is composed of 50% raw foods and includes plenty of whole grains, fruits and dark leafy greens. It is known to play a vital role in treating rosacea.

* Avoid foods which cause flushing; this includes spicy food, alcohol and caffeine. Also, eliminate foods containing trans fats, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and common allergens, such as dairy, corn, peanuts, and gluten, which are known to trigger rosacea flare-up.

* Try to drink plenty of water and clean “live” juices all through the day. Juices are detoxicating, highly nutritious and abundant in the antioxidants.

* Choose all natural skin care products that carry zero synthetics or chemicals of any form. Use only water-based cosmetics with natural ingredients; otherwise avoid makeup to prevent clogging of the pores.

* Wear mild sunscreen – try one formulated for babies – when you step out in the sun. The sun can make worse your condition.

* Use aloe vera gel to relieve rosacea breakouts. It can provide soothing and healing effect to the skin. If you feel irritation, discontinue it. Lavender also has similar benefits. It fights redness, soothes and heals troubled skin.

* Apply primrose oil to the affected areas of skin every day to help yourself in treating rosacea. It helps to stimulate protein synthesis, relieve inflammation, repairs and improves dry flaky skin.

With these simple rosacea natural remedies you can reduce the redness and say hello to gorgeous skin, naturally! Though, treating rosacea is a little difficult; but people can live their normal lives if the treatment options are chosen appropriately and carefully.

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