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Treating Rosacea With PDL and IPL Laser Treatments

Treating Rosacea has proven to be a big difficulty in the past few years. Doctors have been condemned to prescribing antibiotics alone. These antibiotics can be very frustrating sometimes, this is because, sometimes they work and other times they don’t. You could give a particular antibiotic to a Rosacea victim and it is effective, and then you administer it to yet another one only for it to be of no effect.

Thanks to technology, there are now other ways of treating the disease different from relying on antibiotics. There are two very effective laser treatments for Rosacea. These treatments can help cure this disease permanently. Have you heard of the PDL and IPL treatments? They are both laser treatments that are effective for many skin diseases. PDL means Pulse Dye Laser, while IPL means Intense Pulse Light. These two laser treatments can help you get the normal color of your skin back and for good.

The PDL treatment is so effective that you can start to see results after one to two sessions of the treatment. Being dye like in its function, it can reverse your facial flushes. The only side effect is that it can inflict bruises on the face. Funny enough, some see the bruises as a sign that the treatment is actually effective.

The IPL is the newer of the two laser treatments and it is truly effective. It was approved by the FDA in the year 1995. It uses a non laser light source and is effective in treating facial flushes, redness of face, pimples and visibility of dilated blood vessels.

Treating Rosacea with PDL and IPL Laser Treatment is actually very effective and can heal you in not long a time.

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