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Treatment For Blushing – How You Can Deal With Blushing

Blushing is the reddening of the face that may be triggered by embarrassment. Although this condition is actually normal for some, especially when faced with an embarrassing situation or met with an embarrassing comment, some cases may not be that normal anymore. Some people may suffer from blushing in just any situation that it may become a burden for them.

If you are one of those suffering from facial blushing even though in normal and calm situations, and it has become a burden to your life, you may be looking for the best treatment for blushing. Most of the time, sufferers of facial blushing may just choose to avoid social contact, which can worsen the situation.

Sometimes the frustration of having this condition may lead you to be desperate to find treatments. To help you find what is the best treatment for blushing, here are some of your options.


Blushing is not only physical but it is more psychological. Indeed, what is in your thoughts and in your subconscious can trigger this condition. If you are a sufferer, you will notice that the more you think about overcoming the surge of blushing, the more it will make you turn red.

One known treatment for blushing is hypnotherapy or the use of hypnosis. In this process, your subconscious is reprogrammed to be able to deal with situations that lead you to blush excessively. Indeed, your subconscious plays a big role on how you respond to things and events in life, thus hypnotherapy is used to change that.

You can find a skilled hypnotherapist to help you with this process or you can also find some hypnosis CDs or audios made by hypnosis experts. The key to these hypnosis CDs is to listen to them regularly as repetition is one ‘language’ that can be easily grasp by the subconscious.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also another technique used as a treatment for blushing. This technique uses behavioral and cognitive therapy in dealing with problems such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders and other dysfunctional behavior and emotions.

Medical treatment

To address to the desperation of many sufferers of blushing, a surgery known as ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy) has also been used but the high risk of having this surgery may not be appealing even for those who have excessive blushing or those who think they have the worst blushing.

Of course, when it comes to finding solutions, you have to weigh the risks, especially if it concerns your health as well. Start with safe ways to overcome this condition. Of course, you won’t have to risk your health and get into more trouble in finding ways to treat blushing and to avoid the embarrassment that comes along with it.

Aside from these options, you can even find some simple tips that can help you deal with situations that cause to blush. Learning some relaxation techniques for example is a far safer way to deal with blushing.

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