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Veinwave & Trade – A New Treatment For Rosacea and Spider Veins

Veinwave(TM) is the first vein therapy procedure found to effectively treat and eliminate both the smallest of lower extremity spider veins, all size facial veins and Rosacea.

Rosacea affects between 13 and 15 million Americans, and spider veins affect around 55% of women ages 20-70. Though the exact causes of each condition are largely speculative, heredity is commonly accepted as a main culprit in their development.

The new VeinWave procedure is a thermocoagulation treatment that uses high-frequency energy (microwaves) delivered through an ultra-fine insulated needle to heat the affected blood vessels. The procedure causes the sides of the blood vessel to stick together, and this prevents the blood flow that causes the veins to be visible. The end result is the instant disappearance of the veins. The ultra-fine needle allows for much greater precision, and more accurate treatments – even in hard to treat areas, such as the nose and cheeks. The veins do not return and the procedure doesn’t require bandages or any recovery time for the patient.

The procedure was developed by leading vascular surgeons and is credited to United Kingdom inventor, Brian Newman, M.D. With the VeinWave system, doctors and vein specialists are able to remove the appearance of veins that, in the past, were simply too difficult to treat. The technology is incredibly precise, accurate and effective. The new procedure is more accurate than laser treatments and does not cause the pain many patients experienced with traditional treatments. In fact, the session only lasts 30 minutes.

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