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What Is The Difference Between Teen and Adult Acne?

Although it may seem seem shocking, experiencing acne in your adult years is not whole impossible. While there are differences in extremity and symptoms, fully understanding what is the difference between teen and adult acne can be somewhat confusing if you are not aware of the causes or types of acne prevalent in society today.

Where teen acne is mainly resulting from hormonal changes taking place in the body as well as different diets, changing or unhealthy, adult acne is considered more of a skin disorder. Although your daily diet does in fact affect your skin and it plays a huge part in whether or not you suffer from skin break-outs, it is not the only reason why people suffer from acne as teens or adults.

There are far too many myths and lies that surround acne and the causes of it as such, but when it comes down to the bottom line, knowing what is the difference between teen and adult acne can mean the chance of suffering from it if you do not make changes in your life. The most popular myth of the number one cause of acne is that people wrongly believe dirt and dirty skin is the cause of acne. While this does effect some of your skin condition, it is not however, the main reason behind suffering from acne, nor is it the only reason people suffer from it. In fact, washing your face too often or too hard can cause a rash break out on your skin, or damage the capillaries that carry blood to your face, leaving you with damaged skin and a chance of suffering from acne Rosacea.

Teen acne is capable of following you on through those awkward years on into your adult years, making them difficult as well. Again, when asking what is the difference between teen and adult acne, you cannot say it is dirty skin. Even though the ages are vastly different, the same causes still hold true in the latter years of living, the same as in the earlier years. Changes in your body as you get older, and your dietary needs change along with your intake, these points factor into the larger scheme of things and better enable you to understand what is the difference between teen and adult acne.

As with any medical procedure or decision, it is best to consult your family care practitioner or a board certified dermatologist for help and information on what is the difference between teen and adult acne and how you are best able to treat it.

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