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What You Need to Know About IPL Treatment

Cosmetic procedures have rapidly become commonplace in today’s world. Liposuction, enhancements, reductions, nips and tucks are all performed regularly without the embarrassment or stigma that accompanied them not so long ago. People have become much more accepting, even somewhat demanding for these procedures in search of personal confidence, and/or their own idea of physical perfection, and just to look a little younger. When looking to improve skin blemishes or dispose of unwanted hair, IPL treatment has gained popularity for good reason.

IPL treatment, which is an abbreviation for “intense pulsed light”, involves the use of intense, broadband light from a wand or mechanical arm to treat the desired area. This epilating method employs a non-ablative technique which delivers its treatment to deeper skin tissue, the dermis, resulting in little, if any, damage to the superficial layer, known as the epidermis. There are different types of IPL Treatment used as a remedy for rosacea, vascular lesions and birthmarks, melasma (which is a type of skin discoloration), and age spots. It is also used to promote collagen production which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and as a method of hair removal. When treating skin blemishes, IPL Treatment is sometimes referred to as photo-rejuvenation.

Listed below are a few of the many positive aspects of having this type of cosmetic procedure done.

1. IPL treatment is cheaper and faster than traditional laser hair removal. The cost averages anywhere for $350 to $600 and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Depending on the desired result, it may take several appointments, spaced approximately 3 weeks apart, to achieve the affect that is wanted.

2. UV rays are filtered through the wand or mechanical arm, so there will be no UV damage to the skin due to treatment.

3. Little recovery time is required post-treatment. One can put on make-up and go back to work immediately following treatment, if they so desire.

4. There is usually no scarring associated with this type of procedure either.

IPL treatment is performed by medical practitioners and estheticians in their offices. Choose a medical professional who has been properly trained and has experience with their equipment. As described above, the procedure can lessen the size and prominence of undesired skin imperfections. The most important and desired result though, should come from within yourself. That is a restored sense of self confidence in your appearance. There is nothing wrong with a little vanity when it improves your self esteem.

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