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Women and Blushing – My Estrogen is Flushing!

Women and Blushing – My Estrogen is Flushing?   Frequent blushing has several origins in the general population. Medical reasons, like drug reactions, redder than normal skin pigment, or Rosacea. Most times, it is related to a sense of self-consciousness, and low self esteem, that results in an almost apologetic, anticipatory reaction toward “doing the wrong thing.”  

However, that sudden, momentary increase in body temperature known as the dreaded Hot Flash is solely peculiar to women. Hot flashes occurring at night are known as night sweats. Blushing or facial reddening as blood vessels dilate under the surface of the skin on the face, neck, and chest is called flushing. (As in my youth.) Both flashes and flushes result from the decrease of estrogen symptomatic of perimenopausal and menopausal women. Nice to know they happen so often they each type has its own name, isn’t it?  

There is no cure per se, but some women report relief from HRT (hormone replacement therapy,) or even herbal remedies like black cohash or evening primrose. Evening primrose is a no-no if you are taking medications like blood thinners. In any event, the best place to start is with your doctor. She can bring you up to date on studies or advances in the treatment of flushing and hot flashes. She can also counsel you on over the counter remedies, herbals, and other techniques while ruling out other causes for your symptoms.  

The short list for quick help includes:

  • Dress in layers.
  • Skip the alcohol (and the warm, rosy glows it gives you)
  • Avoid cigarette smoke, it drives up the blood pressure
  • Try focused exercise and mediation to decrease stress and anxiety

Getting in shape is the best advice, no matter your health or stage of life. Tai chi, walking, dancing, swimming, and similar focused exercises will also help focus the mind, which in turn will decrease stress, a real trigger for those tell tale hot flushes that radiate heat through the face, neck, and chest. Talk it over with your doctor and discuss a healthy approach to diet and exercise that is right for you.  

There are many potential benefits to a healthy lifestyle, but developing self confidence is the greatest of them all. Pride in your appearance will take the bite out of any self consciousness you may feel about “getting old.” Knowledge that you are taking good care of yourself is empowering,and encourages trying new things. And, an exercise induced boost in endorphins will increase your energy level.  

Who needs to feel old just because their estrogen is “flushing” away. Wear that momentary flush as a badge of honor, and get out there and enjoy life.

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