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3 Oily Skin Care Tips – How to Improve Your Skin

Are you looking for some solid advice on oily skin care, how you can get rid of your oily skin and replace it with clean and silky smooth instead? If you suffer from oily skin or mixed skin with oily parts, you’re not alone.

#1 Avoid Harsh Ingredients

Some ingredients in skin care products and cleaning agents can actually make your skin even oilier, because when you use something that is cleansing to harshly, your skin will compensate and produce even more oil.

So clean your face only with water, no soap, and not more often than twice a day. Watch out for chemical ingredients in the products you use on your skin, they too can be causing your oily skin.

#2 Watch Your Diet

Did you know that what you eat will show on your skin? If you eat lots of junk foods that contain processed oils, it will show. Choose highly nutritional foods instead – fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats like the ones in raw nuts, seeds and cold pressed oils. In addition to that, drink at least eight glasses of water a day for healthy skin.

#3 Cleansing Face Mask

No matter what skin type you have, it’s good to cleanse your skin deeply every two weeks. For the best oily skin care, find a quality deep cleansing face mask with ingredients like kaolin (clay that pulls out dirt and oil), bentone gel and active manuka honey (effective healer of blemishes, acne and eczema).

Invest a little time in finding high quality natural skin care products, eat healthier foods and take care of yourself, and I am confident that you will improve your skin.

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