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3 Types of Butt Rashes

Butt rashes are more common in women and the embarrassment it causes is often more agonizing than the ailment itself. The good news is that treating butt rashes is simple. Unlike other afflictions, butt rashes seldom get discussed even among women and therefore social circles will be of little or no use in such situations. Let us therefore look at different ways to treat butt rashes.

1. Butt rashes caused by yeast

Yeast infection is very common and it generally affects the penis in men or the vagina in women. The primary level of treatment lies in containing the yeast infection so it doesn’t spread further. If the butt rash is a result of a yeast infection then it needs to be contained, for the rash to subside.

2. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is another form of butt rash and is caused by allergens present in undergarments. This type of rash appears on the buttocks particularly when an individual adopts a sitting posture for long hours. Further, excessive sweating also plays a role in breeding the bacteria.

3. The more serious variants

A third type of butt rash, though uncommon can be more serious and relate to issues like HIV, HSV or even some latent forms of chicken pox.

Topical medication is often adequate to provide relief. However, it is often difficult to diagnose the type of butt rash, except through proper medical examination. Over-the-Counter medication often addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause. However, some of the natural remedies like Tamanu Oil works wonders for most skin afflictions and leaves no side effect. Accurate diagnosis is essential to bring about a lasting cure for butt rashes and your health adviser can decide the best line of treatment to be adopted.

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