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A Guide to Skin Whitening

Are you frustrated with spots, imperfections and darkened areas from sun exposure? There is a natural skin whitening cream that can safely lighten color, without causing irritation. Most of the products on the market are very irritating and there is one ingredient that you should never use, because it can cause serious long-term adverse reactions. It’s called hydroquinone.

Although many dermatologists consider it “safe” or at least “safer” than other treatments, its use has been banned in some countries, including France. It is feared to increase the risk of cancer, but it is known to cause the appearance of dark bumps in some people. In other words, don’t take a chance.

In other whiteners, toxic mercury is the active ingredient. Mercury is a heavy metal that is known to cause numerous health problems. The label of ingredients is your best source of information.

The natural skin whitening cream that I recommend contains extracts from the nut-grass plant. The botanical name for this medicinal plant is Cyperus Rotundus. It is native to areas of Europe, Africa and Asia. It was used traditionally to treat bruises and other wounds. In recent years, scientists learned that it reduced irritation on the skin and a new cream was developed for that purpose. As often happens, they learned by accident that it was an effective whitener, as well.

The compound that creates the skin’s color is called melanin. Melanin is naturally present in humans. The production of melanin increases due to exposure to UVB rays from the sun. Substances like hydroquinone are effective because they inhibit the production of melanin. Other compounds used in whiteners have a bleaching affect that is not actually desirable.

The natural skin whitening system that contains nut grass extracts also inhibits the production of melanin. A concentration of .5% has been shown in scientific studies to inhibit melanin production by over 40%, with no harmful side effects. The company that makes it recommends alternating its use with there age defense day cream on a monthly basis, depending on the amount of time that you spend in the sun.

You should be aware that melanin provides natural protection from skin-cancer. So, once you begin lightening, you will need to use extra care when you are out of doors. However, many of the sunscreens on the market have been shown to increase the risk of certain types of skin-cancer. The best advice is to wear a hat to protect your face and use a zinc oxide sun-block on exposed areas.

The natural skin whitening system mentioned in this article also contains anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants that protect the cells from free radical damage, which may provide some protection from cancer, as well. But, you always want to play it safe in the sun.

Some sunlight is good for you. It is needed for the body to produce vitamin D. If you are avoiding all exposure to sunlight, you should take a daily supplement that contains vitamin D3.

What’s stopping you from checking out the ingredients in any natural skin whitening solution? Before you buy it, make sure they’re safe. That’s the best advice of all.

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