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AIDS Rash – Early Symptoms of HIV and Importance of Testing and Treatment

For some individuals, two to three weeks after a person has been exposed to AIDS they may see skin eruptions. Not all people will experience this and sometimes the rash appears much later. For some who develop it within a few weeks, it may subsequently disappear only to reappear in future. Remember that AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a late stage of HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus but sometimes people incorrectly see these as identical. The Hiv infection may not lead to AIDS and by taking care of one’s immune system from the beginning you’ll have the best prognosis. Everyone’s body is different and has various challenges with the virus.

If you experience small dark bumps that are raised off the skin slightly that appears on your chest, back, face or neck, it can be a possible sign of this. When people have very light skin, the may be a deep red color or reddish brown hue. Remember that there are hundreds of rashes and that you shouldn’t reach conclusions without testing.

Other symptoms usually accompany the aids rash, such as aches and pains in the muscles, diarrhea, a fever, headache and thrush (Candida albicans yeast attacking the mouth). Not everyone though will have these additional symptoms.

In a week or two an aids rash generally goes away on its own. However if you have an underlying cause which is the virus, you still have the the HIV virus. Some find that drinking low sugar elderberry syrup is helpful because it exhibits antiviral qualities.

When a physician fails to determine the cause of any rash, they generally with prescribe corticosteroids. These block histamines and stop allergic responses. This can help inflammation but may not be the correct treatment for one’s rash depending on the underlying cause.

Because there are many various types of rashes, testing is the only way to know if you have the HIV virus. People can even get stress rashes just from worrying about a medical diagnosis. In certain cases where the rash is a circle that radiates outwards that’s a kind of ringworm fungus which is called Tinea Corporis. It’s very similar to the fungus that causes athlete’s feet, which is called Tinea Pedis. All of those are treated with antifungals. Rashes can be caused by fungus, yeast or bacterial infection such as impetigo or strep rash. There are also viral rashes such as herpes zoster which is shingles and due to the chicken pox virus one had in the past. Stress can also effect our bodies and we can get rashes from anxiety.

Don’t assume if you’ve been exposed to someone with HIV that you have the aids rash. If you do have a rash though, seek medical attention to get it diagnosed. Living in fear is very stressful and fortunately there are very effective measures now for treating the HIV virus enabling people to live long and productive lives.

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