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Baby Skin Care – Identifying Baby Skin Conditions

There are a variety of baby skin conditions and rashes out there and the best baby skin care prevention and treatment is to know what they are and what you can do about them.

Baby acne, is acne that happens on babies instead of adults. It is caused by the mother’s hormones coursing through the child’s blood stream. It generally occurs when your baby is two to three months old, and can last up to 4 to 6 weeks or more. Baby acne is normally noticed as red bumps on your child’s skin or face. Treating baby acne is fairly easy; the first baby skin care treatment is to keep the baby’s skin clean, and cool but not cold. Babies need warmth and if it’s too cold or too hot, it can hurt her, also avoid acne medicines and use only a mild soap to wash her with.

Another common problem is birthmarks; they can appear and are generally found around the head. If they are bigger than 1 and a half centimeters and closer to the spine, the bigger the problem they can cause. You need to have your pediatrician check her over thoroughly and if the doctor feels it is necessary, run a few tests. The birthmarks can be removed; however, caution is always advisable.

There are a few varieties of birthmarks and your doctor can help you to determine what type it is and what treatments are necessary.

The most common varieties are Stork bites, angel kisses, salmon patches, vascular stains; then the Café au lait spots, moles, Port-wine stains, or nevus flammeus, and Hemangioma. Knowing what type is half the battle on what needs to be and can be done.

Another very common and very frustrating condition is Cradle Cap; it is basically baby dandruff. Baby dandruff normally comes around when she is about three months old and can last several weeks. The severity of cradle cap can vary from one baby to the next as well as the treatments for it. The milder cases can generally be taken care of with No Tears baby shampoo. With the more extreme cases, many parents turn to olive oil and a soft comb designed just for her.

The most common and absolutely frustrating is diaper rash; it is more of a pain to your little girl than it is to you. Diaper rashes can be caused by a variety of things, especially the diapers themselves. Diaper rashes appear in different ways but if your little girl’s bottom is red and she is extremely irritable, then chances are she has it. There are a variety of natural cures and creams available for you to try. Your doctor can help you to determine the treatment and cure.

Just as there are numerous boys and girls, there are many rashes and skin conditions that can plague them. Your best bet with baby skin care is to be patient, ask plenty of questions and show your baby nothing but love and attention.

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