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Back to School Skin Care Tips

The backpacks are out, the new fall wardrobes are purchased, and across the nation teens and young adults are headed back to school. School can mean more stress, less time, less sleep and a suddenly very unhealthy diet. All of those factors can lead to unhealthy skin, and as a teen or young adult, nobody wants to be self conscious about their skin. It’s hard enough to get through middle school, junior high, high school or even college without having to feel unattractive due to unhealthy or even acne-prone skin. Here are three skin care tips for back-to-school time that can help keep a healthy summer glow all through the school year.

Get Into a Morning Routine Quickly

Schedule changes with back to school mean no more leisurely mornings. Instead, everything is scheduled, and wake up times are much, much earlier! Get into a morning skin care routine as soon as school starts so that it quickly becomes habit and you’re sure to repeat all of your healthy skin steps, such as cleansing, applying skin treatments and moisturizers and always, always making sure that you have sun protection applied every day. While evenings are not as structured, the more you can ensure that you’re in a habitual routine, the better. When it comes to skin care, developing habits is key.

In Skin Care, Lifestyle Counts

As soon as school starts, many people pick up a number of bad habits. This can range from too much stress to not enough sleep, and typically also includes changes in diet and hydration that aren’t healthy. Unhealthy lifestyles lead to unhealthy skin as well. Making sure that you get enough rest, minimize stress, cut down on the junk food and processed food and drink eight glasses of water a day isn’t just good for your skin, it’s also good for you. However, the biggest visible benefit will be the preservation of your healthy skin. Don’t fall into the trap of living unhealthily, and therefore having unhealthy skin, just because your schedule has gotten busier. Live healthily and you’ll not only look better, you’ll also feel better.

Put a Back Pack Skin Survival Kit Together

Pretty much every student that we know has a constant companion – their backpack. School can mean long days. Make sure you’ve packed the skin care essentials into a small, travel-sized backpack collection. We’d recommend pre-moistened skin wipes, a spot acne treatment, blotting papers if your skin is oily, a travel-sized moisturizer and a travel-sized skin cleanser just in case you need a full on face wash (say, if you get Slurppeed!)

Back to school typically isn’t anybody’s favorite time, but don’t let that show on your skin! Be sure to follow these tips for healthy (and acne-free) skin all school year long.

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