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Can Dry Penis Skin Mean an STI?

Even men who take extra pains when it comes to proper penis care may find that they occasionally get dry penis skin. There can be numerous reasons for this unwelcome occurrence, and usually the cause is fairly harmless. Sometimes, however, dry penis skin can be a sign of a deeper problem – such as the presence of a sexually-transmitted infection, or STI for short.

Not always an STI

As mentioned, there can be numerous other reasons for dry penis skin other than an STI. So what are some of those other causes?

– Lack of lubrication. One of the most common causes of dry penis skin is sex (either partner-based or solo) without sufficient lubrication. Sexual activity by nature requires a certain amount of friction on the penis to provide the stimulation that results in ejaculation and orgasm. But if the penis is not properly lubricated, that friction can cause damage to the skin, including dryness and flakiness.

– Dermatitis. One of the most common skin ailments, dermatitis usually results in a red rash and generally dry skin, often to the point of flakiness. Contact dermatitis is the most common form of dermatitis on the penis; as the name suggests, it results when the comes into contact with an irritant. Most often this is a chemical in harsh soaps or detergents that gets on the skin through showering or washing clothes with a detergent that is simply too strong.

– Psoriasis. Another skin issue, but this one is typically caused by a faulty immune system. Psoriasis is often marked by a scaly rash that also dries out the sensitive.

As annoying or uncomfortable as the above causes of dry may be, they are relatively benign. This is not necessarily the case with dry caused by an STI.

Several STIs can be (but by no means always are) associated with the presence of dry. These include:

– Gonorrhea. Dry is one of the less common symptoms of gonorrhea, but may appear, especially near the tip of the penis, which may also become swollen.

– Syphilis. Men with syphilis often do develop dry, especially during the secondary stage. It may present itself as dry patches, sometimes scaly. Because symptoms of syphilis are often similar to symptoms of other issues, it’s important to be tested for the condition if a man thinks he may possibly have it.

– Herpes. When the herpes virus is at its peak, it may cause some dryness to occur on or around the penis.

What to do

Men who are sexually active need to take steps to prevent an STI, including wearing condoms during sexual activity with a partner. Sexually active men who believe they might have contracted an STI need to immediately seek medical attention. If a doctor diagnoses an STI, he will then prescribe a course of treatment that must be followed closely. Untreated or under-treated STIs can do serious damage to a person.

Treating an STI is crucial, but a man may also need to take steps to treat the symptom of dry penis skin. Whatever the cause, most forms of dry penis skin respond well to regular use of an exceptional penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Moisturizing is key, so select a crème that can do the job. Look for one that includes a combination of potent hydrators, such as natural Shea butter and vitamin E. Antioxidants are also useful when fighting dry skin, so select a crème that contains alpha lipoic acid, one of the most effective antioxidants around.

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