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Categories of Skin Diseases in Dogs

The best way to find whether or not a dog is healthy is to check his skin. Dogs can suffer from many skin diseases. Some of the diseases may result from contact allergies while others can occur from immune disorders. Irrespective of the cause behind the problem, some symptoms are common like itching and scratching. Natural skin remedies developed for dogs can cure almost all types of skin issues. The natural products do not have any harmful effects, and heal dogs in a safe and natural way.

The general categories of skin diseases in dogs are:

Bacterial Skin Diseases:

Staphylococcus is the bacterium that causes skin disease in pet dogs. Although the disease is not infectious, the dog suffers from excessive itching. The disease occurs on a dog’s trunk usually. However, it can occur on other parts of the dog’s body also. The disease causes initial pustules, which look like small yellow spots on the skin. Later, these spots redden and ulcerate, causing discomfort for the dog. Even later, the ulcers form dry crusts and lead to excessive hair loss around the lesions.

Fugal Skin Diseases:

Fungal skin infections or ringworm usually occur in the form of round patches on the skin and lead to hair loss in the affected areas. Fungus lives in dead tissues such as nails and hair. The affected area center becomes crusty and dry and leads to itching. Although young dogs suffer from ringworm only in the parts like legs and head, if one does not treat the infection, it can spread in the entire body.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis:

Allergic Contact Dermatitis is the most common skin issue that dogs face. The disease is an allergic reaction, which occurs mostly in sensitive dogs, after minutes of contact with the allergen. The common allergens causing such condition in dogs are detergents, paints, chemicals and pollen. Inflamed skin and itchy, red lumps are the symptoms of contact allergies. Rashes can occur in places beyond the contact areas. Dogs that often come in contact with damp grass or hay may suffer from a damp hay itch.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis:

Dogs infected with fleas can suffer from excessive itching even after removal of the fleas. Flea allergy may lead to itchy, red lumps resembling pimples, on the tail base, inner thighs and back of the hind legs.


In scabies, red spots resembling insect bites develop on the ear skin, tarsal joint of hind legs and elbows of a dog. It leads to extreme itching and crusty ears.

Besides the above conditions, skin allergies in dogs can also result from flies and external parasites. One can find the parasite that causes the itching by examining the visible symptoms. Dog owners should consult their veterinarian at the earliest if they find their dog to scratch, lick, or bite excessively. Most vets recommend natural remedies for dogs for treating skin allergies and other skin conditions. The natural products are extremely effective and can heal almost all types of skin problems quickly.

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