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Causes And Symptoms of Jock Itch

Jock itch is a fungal infection caused by the fungi Trichophyton rubrum. This skin disease is prevalent during the warm summer months because fungi love to breed in sweaty, warm and moist places, particularly the groin area. If you have the uncontrollable desire to scratch your groin and upper thigh area, you might already be displaying the symptoms of jock itch.

Although the majority of people who gets jock itch are men, anybody can actually catch this disease – women, men, old people, and children. Don’t ever think that only jocks or athletes get this irritating illness.

What is jock itch?

As mentioned earlier, jock itch is a form of skin disease. The symptoms of jock itch are very similar to ringworm. However, jock itch only affects the groin and its surroundings. Thus, you can find yourself being infected by jock itch in your upper thigh up until the area that is close to the anal region.

Jock itch is a round, red, elevated patch you see in your groin area. You usually get this skin disease if your groin is always warm and sweaty. If your skin comes in contact with clothing, towel, bed sheets used by someone who have jock itch, you have a very high chance of catching the disease too.

Causes of jock itch

Unhygienic practices, such as not changing underwear daily and sharing of towels and other intimate apparel, are the primary causes of jock itch. You could also catch jock itch if you come in contact with persons who are suffering from the skin disease or you use and share towels, bed, blankets, shorts and pants with someone who has jock itch. If you feel that your partner is already displaying symptoms of jock itch, it would be wise to change towels and bed sheets immediately so that you will not catch the disease too.

People who love wearing form-fitting clothes are also prone to jock itch. If your clothes make your groin area warm and moist, you may be encouraging the growth of this skin disease. During the summer months, it is advisable that you wear clothes that will enable your groin to breathe and dry.

Some people are more prone to having jock itch because of certain diseases or conditions. People who are obese or who have diabetes milletus are more prone to catching or developing jock itch than other people. If you have these conditions, you need to be extra careful with the clothes you wear and the food you eat.

Symptoms of jock itch

One of the most annoying symptoms of jock itch is itching. If you have this skin disease, you really cannot stop scratching. Unfortunately, the more you scratch the area, the more it becomes itchy. Many people have had embarrassing moments because they try to scratch their groins in the most unlikely places because of jock itch.

Aside from itching, other symptoms of jock itch include burning sensation in the affected area and flaking or shedding of the skin. You will also notice a ringworm-like patch in your groin.

Basically, symptoms of jock itch can be summed up in three words – itchy, flaky, and red. Once you experience the symptoms of jock itch, you should immediately go to the drug store and buy an anti-fungal topical ointment or cream to relieve you of the itching and burning sensation and also to help treat the skin infection.

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