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Dermatitis And Scabies Comparisons

Dermatitis or scabies-both itchy skin conditions-have similar characteristics but are caused by different things. Dermatitis refers to a range of skin disorders which are characterized by an inflammation of the skin. Scabies, on the other hand, is caused by the infestation and burrowing of scabies mites within a person’s skin. Scabies skin problems involves a parasite that lays eggs under the skin and it is quite contagious.

In contact dermatitis, an allergic response is triggered by a person’s skin coming into contact with an allergen. This reaction results in bumps or blisters which weep, crack, and go red. There is an allergic response when one has a scabies problem, but one can have dermatitis due to problems with environmental triggers, food allergies and for lots of reason. Reddening of the skin also occurs in persons who become infested with Norwegian scabies, which occurs in people who have a low immune system and can spread around nursing homes.

A condition known as lichen simplex chronicus is a type of dermatitis which occurs on the neck, wrist, forearms, thighs or ankles. These are characterized by itchy skin that comes and goes. The patches can become “leathery” after a time, causing unevenness in skin texture and tone. In scabies, patches of skin on the same areas may also be affected by scabies mites. These patches may turn red and grow darker, such as in cases of Norwegian scabies.

Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized by reddish or yellowish, scaly, pimple-like lesions, which cause dandruff. These lesions can occur along the hairline, on the scalp, behind the ears, on the eyebrows, around the nose, on the chest, and on the upper back.

Another type of dermatitis known as varicose eczema is caused by a build-up of fluid under the skin, specifically the legs. This is unlike scabies, which is caused by infestation and burrowing of mites under the skin. However, both skin problems can cause blistering, discoloration, lesions and ulcers may develop in affected areas.

Whether you have dermatitis or scabies, both conditions cause skin dryness. Scabies is treated with a pesticide cream with permethrin. This is not available over the counter. Eczema is treated with both cortisone creams and moisturizers. One also needs to stay away from the allergens if it is atopic dermatitis.

Dermatitis and scabies, being two different skin problems, have to be medicated differently despite their similar manifestations. Dermatitis is usually treated with moisturizers, topical immunomodulators and steroid creams while scabies requires a scabicide. Ultimately, whether you have dermatitis or scabies, the important thing is to recognize the symptoms so that you know how to medicate the particular condition.

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