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Dogs With Skin Allergies – How to Prevent Skin Allergies in Your Pet Dog

My first dogs were Boxers. Boxers have a short coat. The coat of a boxer is very short and any problems with the coat show much more quickly than with a longer coated breed. Here are my top tips on preventing skin allergies and therefore problems with the coat in your pet dog.

1. Wash less. The natural oils in the coat are important to the health of the skin and coat. Groom them with a brush or mitt to remove dirt and debris from the coat. Ideally, bath only every 4 – 6 weeks. I have cared for dogs that expected to go in the shower with me every morning. A daily swim is fine, but not a daily shampoo.

2. Use a dog shampoo. The dogs coat is a different pH level to that of humans. Therefore, human shampoo is not suitable. Buy a reputable brand from a groomer or vet.

3. Feed high quality food. The health of the coat depends on the level of nutrients in the dogs system. Oils are essential. Oily fish is important. Feed a bones and raw food diet (BARF) as this will ensure that all the nutrients are in the diet.

4. Avoid grains. Dog foods that are made up of a whole lot of grains are not what nature intended for dogs. Grains will make an itchy dog itch lots more.

5. Table scraps. Be selective about the kinds of table scraps that you feed your dog. Many cooked vegetables are fine. Do not feed raw or cooked onion or potato. Garlic is good for keeping fleas away. Cooked bones are too brittle and may either choke the dog or break off and cause an obstruction in the stomach or bowel. Eggs are fine. Avoid giving them chocolate or cake or indeed chocolate cake.

My current Spoodle dog was weaned on dog meat that you buy from the supermarket chilled section as dog meat. After just a few months, he had dandruff – which showed up easily in his black coat. Since feeding him first expensive dry food and now a BARF diet, the condition of his skin has improved and he no longer has dandruff.

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