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Dry Itchy Skin and Skin Rashes – How Herbs Can Help

Help for dry itchy skin and skin rashes using herbal remedies


The external use of herbs can complement the use of internal ones or can be used as the sole method of treatment. Some herbs are used in their raw form, with others the extract is used and can be applied directly or diluted with water. Herbs can also be added to your bath, which are effective for sore muscles, stress and anxiety.

Stress is known to be one of the aggravating factors and sometimes may even be the cause of various illness and health conditions, including allergies, dry itchy skin and skin rashes.


Fresh or dry herbs can be used directly on the skin. A hot, moist soft mass of herbs with addition of certain specific herbs is spread on cloth. This is applied for one to eight hours to relieve pain inflammation or infection. The cloth should be changed when it is cool. Poultices draw out infection and relieve allergy, sinus congestion.


A compress is the simplest form of topical use. A cloth soaked in an infusion, warm tincture or extract can be applied directly for use on infections and inflammation.


A powdered herb or tincture can be added to a fat or oil base to form a salve. These penetrate the skin easily and provide a protective healing barrier against itchy skin and skin rashes.


Breathing of steamed herbal mixtures through the oral or nasal cavity is a traditional and effective way to treat coughs, colds, hay fever and asthma

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