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Dry Penis Skin – How to Keep Penis Skin Smooth and Supple

Men’s sexual health studies have revealed that approximately 1 in 32 men experience a problem with dry or flaking penis skin at some stage during their lifecycle. This problem for many men is not only embarrassing, but it also can, on many occasions, prevent them from having a satisfying sex life.

Why Penis Skin Gets Dry

There are many causes of dry penis skin. Some are as simple as using the wrong products, such as lubricants and condoms or even underwear, which can cause skin irritations or dermatitis and eczema. Other causes are associated with a syndrome called ‘use and abuse’. Many men don’t consider the stress that they put the skin of their penis under. They don’t use lubricants when having sexual intercourse or masturbating, and they don’t think about how these activities damage their skin.

Men’s health, in particular, the health of their penis is often overlooked. And yet, the penis is one of man’s greatest and most used assets. So, it makes a great deal of sense to take care of the penis, doesn’t it?

Serious causes of dry penis skin are rare, thankfully. These include STD’s, cancer, or skin conditions, such as Psoriasis. All, of which, can be extremely painful, and in many cases can be an ongoing condition.

Health Problems Caused by Dry Penis Skin

The most prevalent health problem caused by dry penis skin is an inactive sex life. This, of course, then generates tension in relationships and a reduction in the confidence of the man experiencing the dryness. This, in turn, may then see the man develop concerns over his sexual performance and function. He may even begin to associate having sex with pain rather than pleasure, which can lead to libido problems and anxiety.

Dry, flaking, and cracked penis skin also opens a man’s body up to more serious infections and bacterial illnesses that can generate serious implications and affect his overall health. This may reduce a man’s level of fitness and leave him feeling tired and lethargic, and in extreme cases may even put other major organs, such as his liver and heart, under strain.

How to Treat Dry Penis Skin

The best way to treat dry penis skin is to find out what exactly is causing the condition. A man can visit his health practitioner for advice on how to deal with this matter, or if he feels that his condition is not serious, then he can work through what is referred to as a ‘process of elimination.’

If a man chooses to consult a health professional about his condition, then it is important that he knows the history behind his complaint and that he can then relay this information to his doctor. The more information that a man can give, the higher the chances are of a successful diagnoses. This means that a man should consider when the condition first presented itself, how long he has had the condition, and if the condition has got any worse over time. It also is advisable that the man consider any incident or incidences that may have triggered the condition.

Triggers are also known as causes. Therefore to find triggers, a man should work through a process of elimination by asking himself a series of questions, starting with the obvious, such as the following:

1. Is latex used?

2. What soap is used?

3. How frequently does masturbation take place?

4. How often does sexual intercourse take place?

5. When is the skin of the penis most painful or dry?

Depending on the answers, then treatment may be as simple as the following:

1. If a man uses latex, then it is suggested that he stop using it to see if this makes a difference to the dryness of his penis skin. Many men have allergic reactions to latex, and if this is the cause then the cure may be as simple as changing the type of products used, and then allowing the skin of the penis to heal.

2. Changing the type of soap and using one that is for sensitive skin.

3 – 4. Cutting back on the frequency of masturbation or sexual intercourse and, allowing the penis skin to recover before becoming sexually active again.

5. Frequently using a penis specific moisturizer and start caring for the penis skin, so that it becomes smoother and more supple, and resilient to stress.

If a man has considered all of his options and found no cause or triggers, then this is when it is time to consult a doctor. Also, if the condition gets worse, then it is important that professional advice is sought.

Keep Penis Skin Healthy

In order to keep the skin of the penis in good condition and free from dryness and painful abrasions, health professionals recommend using penis specific moisturizers, and products that are formulated for the penis. These products contain the essential vitamins and minerals that maintain penis health, such as vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. Apart from keeping penis skin smooth and supple, a penis specific crème (health professionals often recommend Man1 Man Oil), also increases penis sensitivity. In fact, men’s health is said to be enhanced by using such a crème regularly, as a man reduces his risk of penis damage and producing dry, rough penis skin.

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