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Eczema – The Skin Disease

Exzema is a skin disease, which causes irritations and itching, dryness and reddishness in the affected area. Eczema affects peoples of all ages and is most common in children. Eczema also known as Dermatitis. It affects on the upper layer of the skin. The word Eczema originated from the Greek word means, “bubbling or boiling through.”

The common symptoms of eczema are rashes and itching on the skin and it will appear any time. There are different types of eczemas. The types can be described by location where it affects, by possible causes or by specific appearance. Some of the common reasons for eczema are, allergic tendencies, dietary habits, any prescribed drug intake, and any chemical or material exposure at or near to your home or working place. Some people have a few episodes of Eczema in their lives, for others it is a life long disease.

Self-care treatment for eczema is the to keep the natural oils in you hand. The use of detergents and soaps removes these natural oils from hand that causes itching. So avoid harsh detergent and drying soaps. Ultra violet light and infrared radiation (Light Therapy) can help control Eczema. There are antibiotics available to control itching. Eczema creams are also available to cure eczema. If you affected by eczema then consult with a doctor and take medicines and precautions.

To prevent Eczema use moisturizer to your skin, avoid some foods, and use eczema creams (prescribed by doctor). Avoid harsh detergent and drying soaps. If you use these preventions will hopefully lessen the outbreaks of eczema.


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