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Glutathione Side Effects

For anybody wishing to use glutathione, key considerations are the possible side effects. Glutathione side effects are not frequently observed in people taking supplements. However as in the case of any supplement, when taken in excess some negative effects can be observed. Some people can have allergic reactions to glutathione. Although glutathione is produced in the body taking it orally through supplements can cause adverse reactions in certain individuals. In such cases people should stop using the supplement and consult a qualified physician.

Glutathione is associated with zinc deficiency particularly in people that have used it over a long period of time. If you experience such a side effect you should seek medical attention. Among the glutathione side effects is skin whitening. This is a rare occurrence and is observed in cases when glutathione is taken in high doses. The potential skin lightening effects may however in some cases be a welcome secondary effect by some users. People spend a lot of money on skin lightening creams. Other people make use of glutathione to lighten their skin tone. This is made possible by the qualities of glutathione as an antioxidant that aids in cell regeneration and counteracts free radicals. People that use glutathione for skin lightening can experience abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. This is due to the required high dosages for such applications.

Glutathione side effects are mild in nature in most cases and do not pose big problems to users. The use of glutathione can cause chest pains and breathing problems. Other related reactions observed are sore throat and tightness in the chest. People that have gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea will often observe worsening of their condition when taking glutathione. It is therefore important that people with gastrointestinal problems seek medical advice prior to taking glutathione supplements. The benefits may be overshadowed by the accompanying side effects if caution is not applied.

As with most supplements glutathione side effects on pregnant and lactating women are not well documented. Since the effects of glutathione on the foetus are not known it is better to take precautions. In addition it is not known how much glutathione will end up in the breast milk of a lactating mother and what effects this may have on the baby. It is advisable for pregnant and lactating mothers to consult a physician prior to taking glutathione. People prone to allergens are also better advised by physicians whether to take glutathione or not.

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