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Hives Again? Figuring Out Why You Have Chronic Hives

Chronic hives or urticaria are hives that seem to keep coming and going for no reason. Well there's always a reason, but you may have trouble figuring out exactly what it is. Even a visit to the doctor may seem long and tedious … and you may not have an answer when it's all said and done.

Many times, problems with hives are caused by your immune system reacting to an infection. Actually, in this case it overreacts and the result is swollen, itchy skin that seems to be unrelated. In fact, you may not be aware that you have an infection until your doctor identifies it.

You might be surprised at the types of infections that can lead you to a hives outbreak. It could be as simple as a low grade sinus infection. Your body responds and hives appear. If this happens, do your best not to scratch hives – even though they itch like crazy. Also, avoid other substances such as foods and medicines that are likely to aggravate the condition until you get the infection cleared up.

It's also possible that certain medications you're taking could be causing your hives symptoms. If you're allergic to a particular medicine you're taking, stop taking it and call your doctor right away. Normally your doctor will prescribe an alternative medication that hopefully will not cause such a reaction.

Eating certain foods may also contribute to chronic hives, especially when you do not realize you're allergic to something. The food you eat may make an existing condition worse as well. Of course, if you know which foods cause hives for you, simply avoid them and your hives should clear up. It's not always easy to figure out, though.

Typically your doctor will advise you to use over-the-counter products containing antihistamine. In some cases they may offer you a prescription for something stronger. To help calm itching, look for a topical cream with antihistamine in it. Apply your treatment as soon as you notice chronic hives reappearing to reduce the impact of itchy, swollen skin symptoms.

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