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Hot Tubs: Hygiene and Safety

Hot tubs have become common features of health clubs, gyms and even homes. But not all hot tub owners are aware of the hygiene and safety issues concerning them. Ignorance about some aspects may cause safety compromises and bodily infections.

Hot tub hygiene

The human skin is a carrier of microbes that shade off through the mucus or tears. These bacteria often infect the eye and the skin. The bacteria have the capacity to survive in water for a considerable period of time. Multiple hot tub users may shade off innumerable bacteria into the water unknowingly. Some bacteria are potentially dangerous and cause disturbances in the digestive tract if swallowed.

Also the bacteria flowing in the water may settle on your skin or the mucus membrane, and multiply. These microbes cause various skin diseases and intestinal infections. It is advisable for people suffering from diarrhea, skin infections, intestinal infections or fresh wounds on any part of the body not to use the hot tubs. Or else they risk creating an unhygienic environment, thus compromising the health of other users.

Some facts to remember

Tubs usually come with a water test kit that consists of tablets and strips. This kit enables you to understand the concentration of bromine and chlorine to be maintained in the water to keep it clean. Bromine is a recommended disinfectant used by most spa owners. The tablets are usually held in a container or a float that is regulated by an open-and-close system. The pores permit water to enter or exit the float.

Chlorine is also considered to be a good oxidizing agent that sanitizes water by killing the microbes or inactivating them. It is also recommended to keep PH at a level of 7.2 to 7.5 to optimize the actions of chlorine or bromine. It is best to run the water tests everyday to ensure the purity of the hot-tub water. The tablets also require to be replenished on a regular basis.

Also make sure that the water remains free of debris like hair and dirt. The chlorine level should also be maintained to a minimum of 2.0 to 5.0 parts per million.

Keep your children safe around a hot tub

There are several accidents that may take place around a portable spa especially in the case of children. Children should never be left unattended around a tub. A simple way to keep your children away from accidents is to cover them. The hot-tub cover not only keeps children away from mishaps but also disallows debris, insects, pets and rodents from entering the tub. You can opt for a net covering but it is better to put hard covering when it is not in use. Another way to keep children out of reach of the portable tub is to erect fencing around it. It might not exactly look good on your tub but is useful to prevent accidents.

Tubs are great additions to your home. For a great hot tub experience, give due consideration to hygiene and safety as well.

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