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How to Get Rid of Pimples Before Tomorrow Comes

Getting rid of pimples within 24 hours seems to be impossible, for instance, but it is no doubt possible by using the items easily found in your kitchen. Various acne products can be found in the market which claims to remove pimple from skin before tomorrow comes but these wordy claims are often proved just the words. So why to waste time or money on such products instead of using home remedies which are effective too?

Diet Precautions

The first thing that need to take into consideration is your diet because pimples are often caused by the diet you take. High calories food items specially fats and oily food are the main cause of pimple on skin. It is recommended not to eat things like bananas, chilli, nuts and dairy products till pimple vanishes from your skin. Increase the use of fresh fruit juices in diet like orange juice to reduce the acne risk and affects.

Use of Water

Drinking plenty of water is always recommended by the experts. It detoxify the human body by removing the impurities like bacteria and hence helps well in treating the skin disorders like pimples. Drinking adequate amount of water makes the working of organs smooth which improves the health and the skin glows in return. It keeps the skin moist which is the natural treatment for skin diseases like acne.

Honey Mask

Honey is a natural antibacterial product which can effectively treat the pimples and help them vanishing within a day as it kills the bacteria which cause acne on your face. The best thing that commercial acne products lack are the side effects which can cause allergy or some other damage to your skin in the process of killing bacteria. But use of honey as a mask for 10 minutes kills all the bacteria without damaging the skin.

Home Treatments

Applying crushed garlic on pimple can vanish it within a day. Mask of egg white is proved highly effective in this regard. Seems strange but toothpaste can remove pimple overnight. Just apply toothpaste on pimple in night and when you will get up, most probably the pimple won’t be there. Mixture of lemon and rose water in equal proportion can be applied on the infected skin to get rid of pimple. Moreover mint juice and orange juice are also highly effective.

Few More Precautions

Care in taking diet is not the only care that is needed to take, rather few thing should be adopted to avoid further infection and acne. Don’t let your hair to fall on face as oil in hair can cause pimples to emerge. Make a habit to change or wash your pillow cover every second day as it absorbs dust and oil and transfers the same onto face. Avoid excessive use of make-up and wash face just after you get free if you applied.

No doubt the above mentioned tips can help in removing the pimples from your face within 24 hours and somehow reduce the further risk of such skin disorder. For more tips which are more effective in fact, can be found on eBook “14 Days Acne Cure”. So after reading this, you don’t need to waste your money on commercial products for instant effects rather you can adopt the above mentioned treatments for effective control of pimples.

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