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How To Shave Bum Hair – Safest Way To Remove Hair From An Anus Crack Without Causing Irritation

Now why would you want to shave the hair on your bum? Its not as if anyone can see it. Okay, if its to do with sex and your partner having to feel it, then I guess that’s good enough reason. But is it though? Before you go mad with the razor, hair is there for a purpose, it helps minimize friction and chaffing while also keeping the area dry and airy. And, not only that, genital skin is very delicate, so whether its hair round the vagina, penis, or even in the crack of your bum, all skin is the same, no part gets tougher just because the blade is out.

Its not unusual, in fact its quite normal to see hair on a mans buttocks, and quite shockingly, some women too. Although it’s a natural thing, men these days don’t want hair on their bum cheeks, or stragglers lining the crack of their anus, so they are spending more time on grooming themselves in the bathroom before doing a spot of gardening. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. If his partner cant get at the mirror to shave her pubic hair, then no, if its for hygiene purposes, then yes.

There was a time when men wouldn’t be two minutes in the bathroom shaving their moustache or trimming their beard, but now it’s a different story – shaving hair from the chest and genitals too.

Bum hair can cover the cheeks, show in wisps, or appear in patches which some women might find repulsive to look at, however, and if I’m to be honest it would take a lot more than this to put me off a man, maybe because its not this part of the body that interests me – but there you go each their own.

If you prefer a smooth body over a hairy one, then you have several options to choose from to get rid of full on hair, bristles or stubble- these include shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, and also laser hair removal.

About shaving

Benefits of Shaving

Fast results

Less stragglers

More defined and contoured look

Soft smooth skin

You can shave yourself

Negative Side Effects of Shaving

Skin irritation

Razor burn


Nicks and cuts

Danger of infection

Painful hair re-growth


Ingrown hairs

You are not likely to get all of these, but its possible one or two could happen.

Ways to minimize these side effects.

Shaving Tools

If you’re to get the bum smooth with a good clean shave, you’ll need to use the proper shaving equipment.

New premium razor blade

Pre-shave oil (Jojoba oil)

Shaving cream: Unscented is the best bet to help avoid irritation

Razor Bump Treatment (Tend Skin) plus cotton application pads

Talcum powder

Exfoliating Cloth

Have a towel and bowl of cold water ready at your side to rinse the razor.

Premium Razor Blade

Using a premium razor will give you a safe and better shave. Less expensive razors are likely to cause razor burn and sorely snag on hairs. A popular choice of razor among men is, the Schick Quattro Titanium razor blades; they’re specially designed to minimize razor burn.

Pre-Shave Oil

Use Jojoba oil, it allows the razor to glide easily across the skin while minimizing razor burn. Its also nourishes the skin so it doesn’t feel greasy.

Shaving Cream

Particular creams are more emollient and lather better than others. Good choices are Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, or The Art of Shaving. Both creams are non fragranced – better for sensitive skin.

Razor Bump

Be prepared for razor bumps. An effective treatment for this is a product called Tend Skin. It helps reduce razor bumps, razor burn, pimples, boils and ingrown hairs. It may sting but this wont last long.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a good anti-chaffing solution. Use baby powder, if it’s good enough for baby’s bottom, then its good enough for yours.


Exfoliating loosens dead skin cells and lessons the risk of ingrown hairs and pimples that often happen as a result of shaving.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for – Shaving your bum, butt, bottom, buttocks, or, can I say arse?.

Warning: A steady hand and concentration will make this not only a smooth shave, but a problem free one too. Bear in mind if you are heading for the crack, make sure its thoroughly clean…need I say more. Safety: Consider an expert do the waxing for you because it’s a complicated place to bring a razor too.

How to shave

Wash before shaving

Rub a couple of drops of pre-shave oil to the buttocks, followed by shaving cream.

Wet the razor blade with cold water and start shaving in the same direction of hair growth.

Don’t press the razor against the skin, let the razor do the lifting.

Avoid shaving against the grain as it encourages irritation and possibly ingrown hairs.

Rinse the blade often; this helps with swelling and redness

A mirror is a must. Making assumptions at this time can have serious consequences.

Once the shave is over, rinse the skin and dry thoroughly, don’t rub. Pat the skin as it will be tender.

Now treat the hair free area with razor burn treatment to lessen irritation and speed up healing.

Talc the bum to soften the skin and keep it dry.

Shaving is not a permanent hair removal process, so you’ll need to repeat when necessary and be careful because, a lot can result from shaving the butt – like what? Ask the guy who has a pretty girl do the shave for him. It doesn’t matter which body part you’re shaving, take your time to avoid having to book an appointment to see a doctor, all because you didn’t book one with an expert who shaves hair for a living.

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