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How to Treat Dogs Dry Skin at Home

If your dog is suffering from dry, itchy skin, there are several long-accepted remedies you can try at home. Unless your pet is going crazy with itching, save yourself the vet bill and give the following suggestions a try.

Owner’s Concerns

Dogs for people with allergies should definitely not go with untreated dry skin. Dry skin, itching and scratching all add up to more dander in the air, and that can mean problems for allergic owners. So getting a dog’s dry skin under control is a good thing for both dog and owner.

Less Bathing

The normal frequency for bathing a dog is about one month. This depends on the dog, of course, and how often he manages to roll in something smelly outside. If you live in a dry climate such as the desert southwest — or if it’s winter up north and the air is dry in your heated home — then experiment with longer intervals between baths.


Whether you know your dog has an allergy or not, try a high-quality hypoallergenic shampoo for your pet. The better products are mild and soothing — even for puppies — and contain no dyes or perfumes (which sometimes cause dryness and itching). Ask your vet to recommend a brand.


If your brand of dog shampoo doesn’t contain a conditioner, buy it separately from a reputable source. A good conditioner will typically contain vitamin E, aloe vera (antiseptic properties), shea butter (for inflamed patches of dry skin) and essential oils for repelling insects.


If your dog is scratching more than usual and you know he doesn’t have fleas, consider the food he’s been eating. Slight changes in his diet might return his coat to its former un-itchy luster. Pet-food experts recommend more meat, such as de-boned chicken, and vegetables like carrots and peas instead of cheaper ingredients such as wheat, rice or corn. Ask your vet about changes in diet. If a diet upgrade doesn’t relieve the dry skin, your vet may need to check Fido for food allergies.


Dogs benefit from the addition of fatty acids and antioxidants to their food. Add a few gel caps of omega 3 compound or caps with fish oil or flaxseed oil. The antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E detox the skin and might prevent some allergic reactions.

Two More Things

It’s important to keep your dog hydrated, so remember to keep a bowl of fresh water in sight at all times. Also, moisturizing cream will protect your dog’s skin from harmful cold weather and wind effects.

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