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How to Whiten Dark Underarms

Dark underarms can occur for several reasons, and usually no one cause is to blame. The darkening of skin in this area is commonly due to a combination of sweating, deodorant use, and shaving. Thankfully, though, this problem can be resolved. Here are some examples of how to whiten dark underarms:

Lemon Slices – The simplest solution is to rub lemon slices on your underarms. Then, let the lemon juice sit for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse off. You can also add a bit of honey to this mixture to help it act more like a mask. This should be done twice daily until results are seen.

Armpit Peeling – Armpit peeling is like a chemical peel for your armpits. It can be done by a dermatologist and effectively removes the outermost layers of skin, which are the darkest. However, several treatments may be necessary for full results to be seen.

Bleaching – As the name suggests, there are products available for bleaching dark armpits. Some of these can be very harsh.

Keep them Clean – Perhaps the most effective example of how to whiten dark underarms is to change your deodorant habits. Since the dark coloration is caused by a combination of sweat and the products used to stop it, it is a good idea to change to a more hypoallergenic soap and deodorant. You may also want to switch from antiperspirant, which blocks pores, to a deodorant-only product and use talcum powder to absorb sweat.

Arbutin Cream – If your underarms are dark because of hyperpigmentation, an arbutin cream may provide most safe and effective results. Be sure the cream you use contains “alpha arbutin.” If it just says arbutin, it’s probably beta arbutin which is not nearly as effective.

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