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Information on Lupus Skin Diseases

There are many types of Lupus, and they each affect different areas of the body. The cutaneous type actually only affects the skin. Like so many other skin diseases, this will lead to lesions, rashes, and sores. The most common symptom of the cutaneous form of lupus is red, scaly, raised skin. Surprisingly, the skin doesn’t get itchy. These effected areas are usually circular or disk shaped, which is why lupus can be called a discoid rash. This effect on the skin is usually limited to the body, though other types can still affect the face.

Cutaneous lupus skin diseases that harm the face usually go over the nose and across the cheeks. This can be called a butterfly rash and tend to also show up on the scalp, face, or neck. They can also affect the mouth or any other area that might get exposed to fluorescent light or light from the sun. Some of the symptoms that follow the initial rash include changes of the color and pigment of the skin as well as hair loss. Usually the cutaneous form of lupus occurs in someone that is already dealing with the systemic type, though it can happen in the reverse order as well.

There are currently no cures for skin diseases like cutaneous lupus, but it is actually not a fatal problem thankfully. Some do perish as a result of the disease, but generally following the advice of a doctor and taking the prescribed medications will prevent that from happening. Cutaneous lupus, like other forms of the disease vary quite a bit in severity from patient to patient. Some will require hospitalization at one point or another and some never will. Doctors are hopeful that they will be able to develop a cure, however, as a huge amount of progress has been made in understanding and treating the disease in the last century.

Knowing about skin diseases like cutaneous lupus is important, both for those that are dealing with it and those that never will. Hopeful doctors will eventually be able to develop a cure and allow those that suffer from it to live normal lives.

Be sure to visit your GP if you feel you are suffering from a skin condition. There are so many products like anti-aging and perfect skin promises out there, it is easy to get your hopes up. Your dermatologist will be able to tell you based on your skin type etc which solution will work best for you.

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