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Ingredients in Detergents Causing Skin Problems

Soaps and detergents industry use different ingredients that may be natural or synthetic. The detergent ingredients are classified as surfactants, builders, bleaches, colorants, optical brighteners, and solvents among others. These soaps and detergent ingredients include many chemicals too. People, especially who have sensitive skin, cannot tolerate these components of detergents and develop allergies, rashes etc. These harmful chemicals and other materials have environmental implications too.

Therefore, a responsible manufacturer must avoid using such ingredients in detergents and soaps that cause skin and other health problems. This article tells you about the ingredients in detergents that cause skin problems so that not only the soap manufacturers come to know about the avoidable raw materials but also the consumers may become aware and read the labels before selecting a suitable detergent for them.

Alkyl benzene sulfonates (ABS)-  Linear alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAS) and linear alkyl sodium sulfonates are also included in this category. They are synthetic surfactants known as anionic surfactants. Their pure compounds may cause skin irritation when used over longer periods.

Ammonia- It not only affects skin but also eyes and respiratory tract. Ammonia present in detergents when come in contact, results into burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat, pain in the lungs, headache, nausea, cough, and increased breathing rate too.

Artificial Dyes, Colors and Fragrances- Most of the artificial colors are made from petroleum and coal. They often cause allergies and skin or eye irritation.

Optical brighteners (OBA)- They are also called fluorescers or fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) They are synthetic chemicals which make laundered clothes look more whiter. Optical brighteners are not biodegradable and also cause skin allergies when exposed to sunlight.

Ethoxylated alcohol- It is a surfactant agent generally taken from coconuts and is known to be less irritating to skin than other surfactants. However, some lab tests have shown that ethoxylated alcohol compounds are frequently contaminated with 1,4-dioxane which is a carcinogenic.

So, next time read the labels to know about detergent ingredients and avoid those containing the  above mentioned materials!

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