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Is Homoeopathic Medicine Best for Skin Diseases?

The premise of Homeopathic treatment rests on ‘treating the disease itself not the symptoms’. The founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann believed that the body has innate healing properties and widely prescribed that suppressing the visible signs of an illness or disease was dangerous. This thought applied specifically to skin diseases and problems. Rashes, allergies and eruptions on the skin were believed to be manifestations or deeper symptoms of illnesses within the body; hence topical applications of creams and lotions are not the advisable forms of treatments as these would only suppress the symptoms, not cure the disease itself.

Homeopathic medicine for skin disease takes into account the total factors that cause the symptoms. All skin diseases are not ‘skin-deep’ but go much beyond that; many skin allergies and infections are the result of the body’s reaction to certain situations like anxiety, stress, depression, anaemia, vitamin or mineral deficiency and so on. The skin is a natural outlet for removing toxic substances just as sweat is removed through the sweat pores on the skin.

This non-suppressive and most natural way of treatment is said to cure even the most serious skin disorders and diseases like eczema, hives, lichens, psoriasis etc. It is a well known fact that raw materials and substances used in homeopathic medicine for skin diseases contain known poisons; however, homeopathic medicine preparation is a complex process called ‘potentization’ involving dilution of the original substance serially so that hardly any trace of the original substance or ‘poison’ remains to cause any side effects or hazards.

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine for skin diseases has been realized with effective treatment of a range of problems caused by allergens and collagen like:

• Acne

• Chronic bacterial infections

• Dandruff and hair loss

• Dermatitis and Eczema

• Fungal infections

• Herpes

• Lichen

• Lupus

• Pigmentary disorders

• Psoriasis

• Urticaria

• Warts and many others.

Treating skin diseases and ailments with homeopathy medicines has another huge advantage over suppressive medication, which over a period of time may affect other organs in the body. Steroidal creams and lotions are reported to have side effects that can cause damage to liver, kidneys, pancreas etc.

Most of the homeopathic medicines for skin diseases are available online through certified homeopathic practitioners or retail pharmaceutical stores. However, a generic search on the Internet for ‘homeopathic medicine online’ may not produce the right results. As far as personal use products and medication are concerned, it is always better to refine the search so that accurate results are obtained.

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